How To: Recognizing Good Hair Care Material

In this tutorial, we will try to answer common questions that people often ask about choosing the right products for their hair care. This video was provided by Mrs. Anousha Shafi’e.


Greetings. We’re here today with Mrs. Shafi’e. She is hairstyle and formula expert and instructor. We want to ask her about all the important topics you need to know when it comes to working with formulas.

We know that recently you have been using a new brand of products called Val var for your professional work. What made you choose this brand. During the many years that I’ve been working in the field of cosmetics, I’ve always been looking for a brand of products which provided and upholds the standards of a professional product and at the same time isn’t too costly. Since most of our clients suffer from hair damage and our students and colleagues always complain about the damage that below standard material in the market has caused, I’ve been always looking for a product to replace the existing products and solve these probleMs. What is the effect of a good product on the outcome of your work. Everywhere in the world, a hairstylist is first concerned with the health of her clients. Unfortunately, because of non-standard products and improper use, most women suffer from severe hair damage. We often see damaged hair or burned strands of hair, which give the hair a frizzy look and using keratin therapy, can further damage the hair and even cut them. Proper use of products can really help save the client’s hair. People also want to have shiny hair, and they often complain that after a decoloring process or dye, the hair looks matte and unpleasant. This gives more weight to using high quality and standard hair material even more than formula mixture and methods of use.

How effective is caring for your hair in regards to its health. Since ninety percent of the hair is made of cortex fluid, most hairstylists know that they have to protect this moisture. The hairstylist must always explain the correct way to protect the hair after whatever process they want, to the client. Constant blow-drying, ironing and curling will reduce the moisture in your hair. It’s the hairstylist’s duty to explain to the client how to properly care for their hair after the process. Val var’s hair mask can help you reduce more than eighty percent of the damage done to your hair.

There are many who want to choose their own products and there are many products to choose from in the market. How can a consumer choose the best possible product for their needs. There are many different brands available in the market at the time but those who aren’t familiar with the brands might choose incorrectly and never get the results they want. Val var brand has many special characteristics, which I have come to know during the six months that I have been working with the products from this brand and I can safely say that it’s one of the best brands to buy and use. There are many factors that you have to consider when it comes to choosing a brand and there’s not enough time to talk about all of them here. However, one of the most important advantages of Val var products is that the oxidant will not burn the scalp tissue and the products are not double ammonia.

It’s often that some products work better if you follow some trick or shortcut that’s inherent to them. Is this also true for Val var products and if so what is that trick. I can’t say that there are no tricks to this product since you learn to achieve better results with products more and more every day when you work with them constantly. Nevertheless, we have classes, which my colleagues and students can attend to learn how to work with this product better. I have also uploaded many tutorials here on so my viewers can get to know the product and see the results up close. Using Val var products is not hard at all.

As a professional hairstylist and an expert in Val var products, is there anything special you want to tell our viewers. First, I want to thank everyone who trusted us and started using Val var products. We’ve had a huge success. Our products are being promoted and used everywhere in some of the most prestigious beauty salons. Our family of products is getting bigger every day and I will soon start a series of classes for those of you who are joining us and using Val var products.

If you want to join our classes, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description. I’m happy to be the one who introduces you to these products and I want you to join me in the joy that is Val var. Thank you for being with us. I will see you soon in our other videos. Have a great day. Goodbye.

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