How To: Easy 3D Nail Design

You can follow the guide below to see how a nail design is performed.
To begin, the entire surface of the nail is covered with gel, then the design of your choice can be printed on the nail. Afterwards, the top coat I applied and in the last step, the nail is inserted in the UV device to stabilize the designs.
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Hello everyone, I'm a nail technician from Soorati beauty salon. Today, I'm gonna teach you how to make a 3D nail design. in the first place, apply the gel to the surface and put the desired design afterwards. and in the final step, we'll apply the top coat. Once we've finished the design process, we'll place the nail in the UV device. In the end, apply the top coat and place it again in the UV device. well, that was how you can apply a nail design, I hope enjoyed what you learned. To find out more about our services and instruction courses in Soorati beauty salon, please dial the numbers.

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