How To: 3D Nail Design

In this tutorial, you will learn all about 3D nail design.


This naildesign is easy and fast.

First, scrub the nails. Now use a white acrylic nail powder to cover the surface. Put the powder on the nail and cover the whole surface with the material.

Use a scrub to make the edges even and remove the extra material. Now use a buffer to smooth the surface and remove the scratches. Use an acrylic aqua powder and apply it to the ring finger. Apply one layer of material, wait for it to dry, and then apply the second layer. Put the nail under UV light to dry.

This design will look like a 3D four-leaf flower when it is done and if you want your flower to have more leaves, you can add two more from the center of the flower. To create leaves, put a small amount of your liquid powder on the nail and use the tip of a small brush to pressure the center and shape it.

To add more shine to the nails, you can use jewels on the surface. Especially golden colors and diamond shapes. Here I am using number 12 and number 8 jewels. In the end, apply a layer of topcoat gel to the nails and dry them under UV light.

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