How To: Making Two Homemade Facemasks

In this brief tutorial, we will teach you two homemade facemasks.


Banana & Honey mask. For this mask, you need one shaved or blended banana. Squeeze a fresh lemon to extract some of the juice. We also need to add one spoon full of honey. Now our material is mixed. Put this mask on your face for twenty to thirty minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.

This is more of a skin peeling or skin scrub solution rather than a mask and since it contains sea salt, it will help with removing dead skin cells from your face. Just remember that sea salt is available at the market with different extracts. Here, we prepared sea salt with green tea extract and I would recommend you purchase the same material.

Put one spoon full of sea salt in your bowl. Now add enough clean water to wash your face. When you’ve mixed the ingredients thoroughly, you can use the mixture every night before bed to wash your face.

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