How To: Makeup For Face With Spots Or Acne

In this tutorial, you will watch a full-face makeup application. This video was provided by Ostoure beauty salon. For more information, to join our classes, please contact us at .


Greetings. I’m here from Ostoure beauty salon with a tutorial on facial makeup.

Before we begin, it’s important to pay attention to two points. First, the natural form of the face, and second, the possible defects that exist on the face. After factoring in these two points, we start working on the eyebrows. Design the eyebrows and apply your makeup based on the natural look of the face. Apply the primer behind the eyelids, wait for one to two minutes and then apply the foundation for the eyeshadow.

Start applying the eyemakeup with the lightest shadows first. Apply the darker shadows as you move forward with this process. First, a light brown shadow, then an orange and terracotta tone of color, at last, apply a darker shade of brown. In the end, apply a light bright shadow to the inner edge of the eye. Now we want to attach our false lashes. Before attaching the false lash, curl the eyebrows and then attach each individual false lash one by one.

After the false lashes are attached and the process is over, apply a primer to the face. Apply the primer and wait for one to two minutes until the skin absorbs the primer. Next, hide and cover the facial defects such as rash, spots, and dark rings under the eyes using a green and orange contour mix. Use the green color to hide the red spots such as rash or boils, and use the orange color to cover the dark areas, such as the dark rings under the eyes, pimples, or other dark defects.

Now let’s apply our powder cream. Apply the powder cream, use your sponge to remove the excess material and distribute it evenly and remove the lines if there are any and move on to your contour process. Let’s begin the contour process. Contour is used to change the form of the face and hide the defects. Keep in mind that wherever you use a dark shade, you must use a light shade in the same area as well, otherwise, the makeup will be useless.

Here, I’ve started the contour on the forehead first. There’s not much to fix on the forehead. However, if we want to make the forehead look wider, we will apply a dark contour on the hair growth line, and then draw a few highlights on the space between the two eyebrows. This will make the forehead look more prominent after these shades are faded and distributed. Now let’s work on the nose. First, apply a highlight on the length of the nose. Then apply a dark contour on the sides of the highlighted line. After applying the highlight and dark contour, fade them together to hide the lines between the two shades.

Let’s move on to the cheeks. Apply a dark contour under the cheekbones. Make sure to do this in front of a mirror so both cheeks look the same and you won’t realize the cheeks look lopsided later on. Now fade the lines you draw. Apply a light shade to the middle of the upper lip to make the lip look bigger and more prominent. To fade the lines, first use a pad, brush, or any other tool you are more comfortable with, to fade and distribute the light shades and then move on to fading the dark ones to hide the lines between them. Remember not to apply the dark contour for the cheek too high. Otherwise, it will look like a bruise.

Now apply a cheek blusher and when it’s done work on the lip liner. Make sure to apply the lip liner using a mirror to avoid drawing it lopsided. Tell the client to raise their head and look in the mirror and then draw the lip liner. This will help you draw a unified lip liner and mirrored on both sides. After drawing the lip liner, fill the lip with the same pen to use as a foundation for the lip makeup and then apply the lipstick.

This concludes our tutorial. We have two types of classes, which either cover new methods and updates or cover a whole field starting from basic methods to advance. These classes are private and you can plan the sessions however you like. We cover a wide range of topics in our classes and workshops.

For more information, please contact us with the information provided in the description.

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