Principles of White Hair Coloring

In the video, Ms. Anousheh Shafiee, a teacher and instructor, teaches the rules and principles of white hair dyeing. Call 09123209333 to attend classes.


Hi dear colleagues!
to day, we want to talk about aging grey hair.

We want to know the main reason of growing grey hair and to learn the hair structure
may be our audiences are women who dye their hair at home
or some women who took preliminary courses
or some women who are working on dying colors but they do not have a good result
let`s see why the hair grow grey and what to do to dye it better
well, this is one of hair colors
it has been written NF5 or 6.00.

These 00 show the main color that cover the grey hair so much.

We have 3 main colors in nature.

These 3 colors exist in hair as well
blond hair has more yellow pigments
brown hair has more red pigments
dark hair has more blue pigments.

These pigments can be sparse or colony in our hair and after 30 or 35 years, these pigments are gone and the result is grey hair
also, we can use chemical shampoos
many ask if they should get these chemical shampoos from drugstore
chemical shampoos is a combined formulation and all the hairdressers should know, one small cup of bleaching powder and 25 cc oxidant and 25 cc baby shampoo
mix them all together and apply on grey hair
after some minutes, we wash it and dry it completely and we dye the hair from the front part
the hair strand has several sections

Cuticle, the surface of the hair
2.90% of the volume of the hair contains a liquid called cortex.

This section can be easily damaged by using hair drier very often because it makes the liquid to be dried and the hair is damaged

Pigments are the next section we have in hair strands, pigments are floating in the cortex liquid

This section is called Medulla, this section grabs the nutrition from root and takes it to hair strand.

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