Common Questions About Hair Extensions

In this tutorial, we will try to answer the most common questions regarding hair extensions. This video was provided by Mrs. Shadi Homayouni.


Greetings. We’re here today with Mrs. Homayouni. She is expert hairstyles and hair extensions. We want to ask her about all the important topics you need to know when it comes to hair extensions.

Please tell us about yourself a little. I’m Shadi Homayouni. I’m a hairstyle and hair extension expert. I have more than sixteen years of experience.

Will you please tell us about the differences between different types of hair extensions such as tape extensions, ring extensions, Keratin extensions, and laser extensions. We have different types of extensions such as tape extensions, ring extensions, Keratin extensions, braided extensions, and laser extensions. There is also another type of extension, which is specific to the bangs in the front of the head. Laser extensions are usually the standard technique used for hair extensions. There are many reasons for this that I will cover during this video. This is the only type of extension that you can keep attached to your hair for three to four months. The rest of the extensions usually last from one to two weeks. We even have clip-on extensions which usually last for one day, or if you are very careful, even up to a week. These extensions either are sewed to the hair or have small clips that attach underneath your hair after teasing your natural hair.

Keeping the hair teased for a long time, like a week, can damage the hair and cause decay. Therefore, it’s best used as a completely temporary hair extensions solution. There are also sticky extensions with a bit of glue on top, which have become very popular lately and are being widely used. These sticky extensions have a standard size, but you can also use it in smaller cuts and sizes if that’s what you need and lately they are available in different sizes. The problem with this type of extensions is that there is no way to comb or brush your hair while they are attached since they use a rather wide layer of the sticky surface to stick to both sides of the hair layer. Whereas, if you use the laser extensions, there are special combs that you can use to easily brush your hair starting from the root and you can keep using that hair extension method for years without any issue or damage to the hair. However, if you keep a sticky or tape extension on your hair for more than two weeks, you can easily damage your hair in the process.

You might not notice the damage that this type of extension is doing to your hair but it is often the case that clients come to use to have their tape extension removed and we notice that some of their hair has been cut or severely damaged due to the pressure that these extensions cause for your natural hair. It’s rare for the hairstylist to let you know of the damage that the extension has done to your hair. When we want to perform an extension on the client’s hair, even if it’s a laser hair extension, we always examine the hair and if during the previous extension, the client’s hair has been damaged due to improper care or brushing,
We refuse to perform another extension unless the client persists and takes responsibility for the side effects. It’s highly recommended not to perform the extension if for any reason you are unable to care for it properly because most extensions require special care.

Is it possible for men to use hair extensions. In addition, are there short extensions. Yes, it’s possible to cut a natural extension hair shorter to be suitable for shorter hair. There are clients who come to us and we cut their hair short and then perform a hair extension. Extensions usually start from thirty centimeters and longer. Men can also use extensions. Some men like to have longer hair, especially in the back or would like to extension especial types of braids. The only difference is since men can suffer from hair loss in the front of the head due to hormonal causes, it’s recommended not to attach extensions to this area of the hair, but if you want to do it, it’s best to use 0.5-gram extensions.

Thank you for being with us. Until next time, goodbye.

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