Egyptian Haircut

In this video by hair makeup, formula and Shinion expert we’re going to show you how to do an Egyptian haircut.


Hello, I’m Embrahimpour, hairmakeup instructor and coup, haircut, braid, formula and Shinion expert. In this item, we are going to talk about hair coup.

This coup can be done using scissors or a trimmer. For this coup, I’m going to separate the hair and cut one layer using a scissor and for the rest I’m going to use a trimmer.

This coup is called a Jean Pierre coup.

A historic figure whose hairstyle we are going to replicate. We’re going to start the Jean Pierre coup by cutting with a scissor. We’re going to cut in a zero degree angle. I’m using the previous cut lines as a guide and continue with the cut. Don’t forget to cut in a zero degree angle. We can also use a trimmer.

Now that we have cut this layer completely, we separate the next batch diagonally. It should look like a wide V. I cut the hair in a 45-degree angle, and cut the rest of the batch with the same angle. Same goes for the next batch of hair. If you cut the hair in a 90-degree angle it’s going to cause too much fragmentation, so I still use a 45-degree cut.

We continue cutting diagonally in a 45-degree fashion. To check the hair I hold the hair between my fingers and cut the uneven parts. When I'm done cutting the hair, you can see how the hair looks cut and fragmented. I do the same for the right part of the head. First I check the hair and then cut diagonally in 45 degrees. I separate a part of the hair behind the ear and do the same as before.

For the hair in front, I’m going to separate a batch of hair and hold it in a zero-degree angle. I can go either for a round cut or a diagonal cut, but I prefer to go with a diagonal one. I’m going to do the same for the other side. I hold a small batch of hair from the left side as a guide and start cutting from that point on. I check to make sure the cut isn’t uneven on either side. Then I’m going to separate a batch hanging exactly from the front of the face and pull it down making sure that I don’t cut the hair uneven by comparing the two sides of the front facing hair.

So we are pretty much done with this tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed it and it’s been useful
You can participate in our private or group classes. See you soon. Goodbye.

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