How To: Eyebrow Pigmentation For Men

Men’s Micro-pigmentation mainly aims to cover the breaks on the brows as well as filling the sparse areas. To get started, first determine the points where need to get treatment. Then choose a pigment which is similar in colour to the natural hair and put some of it on the tip of the blade.


Hello everyone, I'm Narges Alipour, a micro-pigmentation expert and instructor. Today I'm gonna perform a men's micro-blading treatment and give you some useful tips regarding this technique, so stay with us. What I'm about to do now is an eyebrowhachure for men. but for men, actually it aims to repair and correct the scars and faded areas on the brows and cover the disfigurements using the hachure technique. there's a technique for this purpose called "PhiBrows" which uses a manual bladed pen to put the hachures on the brows.

But I want to perfom it with an electric device. as you see there's a break on this area and it lacks hair on the top right and a bit on the crown. This procedure both helps to rouse the hair onion . and makes the brow hairs regrow on the parts where it's sparse and refills the blank areas. The procedure used for men is totally different from the one used for women. I'm following the hair natural growth to put the strokes. At the end of the treatment, I'll show you a picture to see what it will look like after the procedure.

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