How To: Taking Care Of Your Hair Extension

In this tutorial, we will cover the most important topics around hair extension care and health. This video was provided by Shadi Homayouni.


Greetings. I’m Shadi Homayouni. I’m a hairstylist and extension expert with more than fifteen years of experience. I want to talk to you about the correct ways to take care of your hair extension. This is one of the most important factors when it comes to hair extensions.

It's very important that you have your extension done by an extension professional and after this, the most important factor is how you take care of your extension. Takin care of your hair extension will help you have it for a long duration and use it after recovery sessions instead of one-time use.

To take care of your hair extension, only use special shampoos and make sure they are sulfate-free. Otherwise, your hair extension will detach from your hair and lose its source of nourishment. Therefore, make sure your shampoo is a standard one, use vitamin conditioners and hair masks to make sure your hair doesn’t get tangled in the shower. How you wash your hair is also very important. Even the extension professional must know exactly how to wash your hair when they are rinsing it.

Make sure you don’t claw your hair while washing it, instead put layers of your hair between your palms, and massage them gently. If there’s the smallest bit of synthetic material inside the extension hair, it will get tangled up. You must use special extension brushes to brush your hair. These brushes are designed specifically to untangle your hair when you pull the brush inside the hair from root to bottom of the hair layer. You must go to a salon at least once every fifteen days to have your hair brushed professionally. Make sure to have it done by a professional. They should know not to apply too much heat to the area where the Keratin glue connects the hair to the extension, especially for people who have a large number of extensions added. Otherwise, it will stick your hair together and cause tangles and you will probably realize this after a while and not during the brushing.

Sometimes these tangles are so big that we have to cut the hair. It can, therefore, damage your extension and your hair. You must also use a variety of product after each shower. These are mostly hair care products such as Argan oil and protein products. You should protect your hair extension exactly like your own natural hair and even more. If you have blond hair and you notice that your natural hair is getting dry and fragile during the brushing and blow drying, you can be sure that the same thing is happening to your hair extension. So take care of your hair and don’t let it get fragile and break down.

Braid your hair at night before going to bed. If you’ve brushed your hair right before or have decorated the hair and want to keep it overnight, make sure to tie your hair at the top using a hair clip to avoid damaging the hair, pulling it, or tangling it in your sleep. If you have low volume hair, you can’t use volume generating shampoo at the root of the hair but you don’t have to use sulfate-free shampoo either. We usually recommend two different types of shampoo, one for the root of the hair and another one for the stem. If you have a natural hair in a unified color, you can even use a single shampoo for the whole of your hair. Remember that if you have a blond hair at the stem, you must use a sulfate-free shampoo to prevent the hair from breaking. If you have an oily scalp and the keratin tips might start to slip on your hair, you can use a shampoo, which also contains amounts of sulfate. Instead, it’s better to use a hydrating and moisturizing shampoo which also contains some sulfate to prevent the extension from slipping away on your hair.

When it’s time to restore your extensions, make sure to attend the session when the professional hairstylist asks you to attend. It’s crucial to attend a restoration session to prevent tangles in your hair, otherwise, the tangles will get bigger and harder to remove without you even knowing and can end up damaging your hair and you will have to pay a much higher price to restore your hair later.

An important point in hair extension is dyeing your hair. The brand of hair dye you use, and how you do it is very important. You should always have this done by a professional. Powerful oxidants and powerful decoloring powders can remove the keratin tips on the hair extension if you want to bleach your hair. You however, can bleach the root of the hair until the tip of the hair extension with no problem. Nevertheless, you should always use a weak oxidant and bleaching powder or products, which don’t contain Ammonia to make sure you, don’t damage the keratin tips if you also want to bleach the extensions. These products are available from a good brand and you can purchase them and mix them with weak oxidants to bleach your hair while you still have your extensions attached. Make sure you pay attention to these tips because otherwise you will ruin the expensive hair extension you have bought and it will be useless if it’s damaged and you’ll have to spend lots of money to remove them and purchase new extensions.

I hope these tips have been useful to you and will help you keep healthy and beautiful hair. Goodbye.

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