How To: Using Peel Wax

In this tutorial, you will learn more about the correct ways to use Caronlab waxing products.


Greetings. Today we want to teach you how to use the new Brazilian peel wax from Caronlab. This wax can be used on both bigger body parts and sensitive ones.

What you need. Caronlab heater, wax, medical wooden sticks, cotton pads, pre-wax skin cleanser, wax dryer spray, post-wax skin cleanser, and post-wax lotion.

Heating up your wax. To heat this wax, just pour some of it into the wax heater. Since this wax is provided in the form of small seeds, you can use it easily and without the need to break some of it off. Put the heater gage on the number three. Wait twenty minutes for the wax to heat up.

Density and temperature. When the wax is hot enough, you can smear your stick in the wax and twist it without having any of the wax drip. If the wax is too diluted, it means it’s too hot and will burn your skin. If it’s very dense, it means it’s too cold and it won’t function properly.

Getting the skin ready. For this step, we will use the pre-wax skin cleanser. Spray the skin with the solution and massage the skin with your hand until the solution is absorbed by the skin. This will prevent irritation and inflammation after waxing and it will clean any remaining oil or lotion from the tissue.

Waxing your hand. Take a considerable amount of wax using your wooden stick. Put the stick on the skin horizontally. Apply and distribute the product evenly on the skin with rotational movements. Remember that the sides of the wax layer must be thick so the wax is taken off completely when you pull it off the skin later on. Now we can wait for the wax to dry up or spray the area with the wax drying spray to dry the wax in a few seconds. Mica particles in the formula will cool your skin and reduce irritation and inflammation. Now use one hand to hold the edge of the wax layer and use your other hand to pull the skin. Pull the wax against the hair grains.

After waxing care. To remove the remainder of the wax from the skin, spray the skin with the post-wax skin cleanser. Now use a pad to clean the skin. This spray contains tea tree oil and will prevent hair from growing under your skin, and rash. After the post-wax skin cleanser, use the post-wax lotion. Apply the lotion to the skin and massage the skin with your hand to remedy any irritation. As you can see, there’s no irritation or inflammation on the skin, since the wax is designed with a balanced cohesion and can remove the hair from your skin with only a one time use. At the same time, you can moisturize and nourish your skin with the available range of products. With this technique, you will prevent any damage to the hair and there is also no need to shower afterward.

Waxing your face. Peel wax can also be used on the face, similar to the hard wax products. Before waxing the face, we have to sterilize it to avoid rash or infection and remove any remaining makeup material. Now, take some of the wax and apply it to the face vertically using the stick. Distribute the wax with rotational movements to engage all the hair strands. Remember that the edges of the wax must be thick so there’s no residue left when you remove the wax from the skin. Spray the skin with the wax drying spray. Hold the edge of the wax with one hand and pull the skin with another hand. Pull the wax off the skin against the grain.

After waxing care. Clean the area using the post-wax skin cleanser and a cotton pad. Apply lotion to the area.

Important points. Make sure to sterilize the skin before waxing to avoid irritation and rash. After waxing, use skin care solutions. For Caronlab wax, use Caronlab sprays and solutions, which are designed specifically with regard to the wax properties and requirements. Always pay attention to the temperature of the wax to prevent any damage to the skin. Lastly, use these techniques only for Caronlab products.

Experience waxing with Caronlab products.

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