Introducing Chocolate Skin Therapy

In this tutorial, we will introduce you to Choco therapy as a skin treatment method. This video was provided by Matin Rooyan Beauty Institute.


Greetings. I am Zhale Khodayar. I am the administration and Matin Rooyan Beauty Institute. In this tutorial, I want to talk to you about Choco therapy, which is a method to nourish the skin and reduce aging effects. I hope this tutorial is useful to you.

For a Choco therapy, first, clean the skin using lotion and skin milk. Then we could use a vitamin C serum to scrub the skin and remove the dead skin cells. In Choco therapy, it is always recommended to use acidic extracts from fruits. What I am using here is an acidic substance extracted from carrots and oranges. These extracts coupled with scrubbing will prepare the skin for absorbing nutrition and positive oils.

Chocolate can be used to reduce the effects of aging, nourishing the skin, and even to lift the skin. It could also moisturize and whiten the skin. To reduce aging, you should perform Choco therapy once every two months to replenish all the required nutrients. After removing the dead skin cells, we can clean the skin. We do not need to wash the skin with water and can instead use a wet piece of cotton. We have to scrub the skin with the Vitamin C solution for five to ten minutes, which you can do using hand-held brushes or electronic ones.

I have talked about massaging brushes in previous items. This is a sample of a brush, which you can use to massage the skin. You need to brush the skin for five to ten minutes. After using the acidic extract to scrub the skin, we have to massage it as well. To massage the skin we usually use substances extracted from plant roots. This can also help with breathing and you should always advise your client to breathe deeply. It is better to apply this material to the areas where you want to perform point pressures or on main nerves. Let’s start our massage and let’s not forget to breathe deeply. It is important to massage the skin gently because we want to affect the superficial layers of the skin and remove dead skin cells if there are any. This massage will affect the Epidermis and Dermis layers.

During this massage, the client needs to keep breathing deeply because ample supply of oxygen will help the process have a better result. You can also apply these materials around the eyes. If you have special Choco therapy material for the eyes, you can use them but if not, it’s recommended not to use the material around the eyes. It is very effective in whitening the skin by dispersing skin pigments and helps the skin absorb more nutrients during Choco therapy. Keep in mind that the pressure points and types of massages are different for each process. In Choco therapy, we care most about stimulating nerve points because this way we can get much more nutrients and minerals to the skin.

After a ten minutes massage, we will spray the skin with an actuator spray. This spray prepares the skin for better absorption. Spray the skin three times and then put the Chocolate on the skin. There are two ways for Choco therapy. If the skin has become inflamed during the process or irritated and red, it is better to put a pad on the skin and apply the mask on top of the pad. However, if the skin is resistant enough, it is all right if you apply the material directly on the skin. You can use these types of mask directly or indirectly on the skin. We can wait for twenty minutes for the mask to work or at least fifteen minutes and at most thirty minutes but the normal time is twenty minutes. Choco therapy can be done three times every six months, which means once every two or three months.

The allotted time for the mask to affect the skin has passed and we can now remove the mask. After removing the mask, massage the face lightly to cover the blank areas and then wash the face with lukewarm water after two minutes. Then use moisturizing cream and sunscreen if you think it is necessary with an SPF of 35 at the highest. Lower SPF is better for sensitive skin types. Even though sunscreen can prevent free radicals from damaging the skin, they can also act as radicals and cause wrinkles, increase the speed of aging, and dry the skin. We can rinse the skin after two minutes.

This concludes our Choco therapy tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. To learn more about our classes, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description. Goodbye.

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