Learn How to Make Your Hair Blonder

In the video, Mrs. Anousheh Shafiee, a professional teacher and instructor from Ostoureh Color and Fashion School, teaches how to turn your hairs blonde with Valvar decoloration powder.


Hi everyone! we receive a lot of questions daily regarding decolor powder.

Blue decolor dye powder is stronger or the white decolor powder?
Valvar powder whether blue or white, both are capable of decoloring up to 9 degrees.

But if you have a type of dyed hair and the tone was yelowish and orange
you can work with blue powder from scratch
but the hair which is not yellowish you can work with white powder from scratch
as you see, we decolored this hair with oxidant 1, and now we want to recharge it with blue powder and oxidant 2
the powders have the power of decoloring for 45 minutes
after that, you need to recharge it on the hair again.

If you do not recharge it, the oxidant will burn the hair.

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