How To: Arabic Makeup

In this video, you will learn how to apply Arabic makeup.


Greetings. I’m Mahtab and I’m here with a makeup tutorial. The type of makeup we want to show you today is Arabic makeup.

Since my client has dry skin, I’m going to apply a primer for dry skins. After applying your primer, mix your foundation and apply a thin layer to the face. Use a pad and fixator to apply the cream to the face. Use a pad to distribute the foundation evenly across the face and then use a brush to apply the contouring.

Since my client has a rather full face, we draw the contouring lines longer. Now we can add our highlights. To create perspective we apply the highlights above the forehead and cheeks above the contour lines. We do the same on the chin and upper lip.

After applying our contour and highlights, use a fixing powder to prevent sweating and fix the makeup. For the next step, apply baking powder under the eyes. This powder will help you remove the eye shadow material that you apply for eye makeup easily using a brush later. It will also highlight the skin under the eyes a bit. After preparing the skin, we can apply our eye shadow.

In Arabic makeup, you use orange and red eyeshadows more than other colors. We have also used the same colors here. Here we are applying our orange eyeshadow first because it’s rather lighter than brown and red eyeshadow colors. Therefore, we apply the orange eyeshadow and fade it using the brush. Later we can use darker colors to form the look we prefer.

After fading the eyeshadow on the edge of the eye, I’ll use the same color on the other side of the eyelids as well and leave the center of the eyelids a little lighter between the two darker areas. Use some shine glue to make the shining shadow stick to the eyelid. After applying the glue, add the shine. This helps add more depth and beauty to the shine and increase its durability.

Now it’s time to apply the eyeliner. Start the eyeliner thinner on the inner edge and make it thicker the closer to the outer edge you get. This is to show the eyes longer and more beautiful. Now let’s add the fake lashes. To create an optical illusion, I’ll draw a thin line below the eyebrows.

In Arabic makeup, you usually use dark shades and warm colors for the eyebrows. In an Arabic makeup, the eyebrows are usually placed in a frame and the crown is much lighter in color than the tail of the eyebrow. First, apply the makeup to the tail of the eyebrows and then distribute the rest of the material to the rest of the eyebrow and the crown as well. It’s important not to apply the material directly to the crown.

Apply your lipstick and then use a fixing powder to increase the duration of the makeup. Thank you for watching. I hope to see you all in our classes over at Noghre Negar Beauty Salon.

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