How To: Buying The Right Hair Extension

In this tutorial, you will learn more about choosing the right hair extension and the differences between high and low-quality ones. This video was provided by Mrs. Shadi Homayouni.


Greetings to all of you who are watching this video from Today we’re here with Mrs. Shadi Homayouni. She is an extension and formula expert. We want to talk about choosing the right extension and criteria that signify high-quality extensions from others.

Could you please tell us how we can identify high-quality extensions from low-quality ones. Those who want to extend their hair using extensions must be very careful about choosing the right brand and quality. These days there are many different companies, which are not even regulated and don’t produce standard quality extensions and even often use synthetic hair. Identifying good and bad extensions is something that must be done by a professional and the individual user can’t look for the signs by themselves. The lower quality products are so well designed to have the signs of high-quality brands, that it’s sometimes even hard for a professional to tell them apart.

A lower quality hair which includes synthetic fiber doesn’t accept a dye and color pigments won’t take places inside the hair. You won’t be able to form and model a low-quality hair extension. Even if the hair extension has accepted a dye, it would be impossible to for the hair with an iron, because it would start to form white spots as soon as you touch the hair with the hot iron. It’s possible that your hairstyling is not informing you of this problem. However, you will realize it eventually. This issue only shows that the extension you are using is more than seventy percent made of synthetic fibers.

Another important point is the thickness of the hair strands from the top of the hair extension to the bottom. The extensions with the same thickness across the hair strands are most probably made of chemicals and not natural hair. Natural hair is always thinner the closer you are to the end of the hair strand. These fake hair extensions could be sold cheaply or be very expensive. Make sure not to buy these types of extensions. Another test you can do to find out the quality of your hair extension, and even with natural hair extensions, is to shake them. Once you do that, the hair will start to break and bits of broken hair will fall off. The less the amount of hair that falls, the better the quality of the hair is.

When you shake the hair and too many little strands of hair fall out, it means that you have many four-inch hair strands inside your hair extension. This means they have put too many of those short strands inside the extension while they were packaging the hair. This causes most of the hair to be useless while you are doing the extension and will cause you and your client lots of trouble and a considerable loss of money. Keep in mind that the shorter strands are usually attached to the middle of the hair extension, so they are not obvious upon purchase and sometimes you won’t even realize this after you unpack the hair and shake it to check the quality. This is another reason why a professional should purchase and check the quality of the hair.

There are hair extensions, which are even in thickness across the length of the hair but they are very expensive. This means you have to waste two-thirds of the hair extension to create the required amount of hair strands needed for the client. Each strand of this type of extension would cost a lot of money. The price can vary depending on the length of the strands and their color. What you see here is a low-quality hair extension with lots of short hair strands. This batch of hair originally consisted of 200 grams of hair and we only realized the number of short strands inside the hair after we attached some of it for the client. The short strands are useless and we have to throw them away. Things like this even happen to professionals and when we purchased this type of hair, we were unaware of this issue. Make sure you pay enough attention when you buy the hair.

This batch of hair I’m showing you here looks high quality and natural and even accepted a dye and we even ironed the hair. Nevertheless, we wanted to do a Sombre dye for a client and the hair at the top got tangled even before we started and this is because the hair isn’t a standard hair. Now if you just shake this batch of hair you can see how many hair strands are falling off hanging from the hair near the root. This means there are many short hair strands inside this batch, which signifies a low-quality hair. However, you can’t see them since they are attached in the middle of the batch but when you use some of the hair you realize the mistake you made. This hair batch is very expensive since it’s made of natural hair and if you do the same mistake you’ll be wasting a lot of your money in the process and most of the hair is essentially useless.

A good batch of hair will not give you too many hanging hair strands when you shake it. You can see here how little hair we have hanging from the batch when we shake the hair. If you shake a standard hair like this, the hair will start to fall off the batch at the six-inch point and then eight and ten-inch lines. Anything other than this and you’ve bought nonstandard hair. The batched hair in the market is available in different forms. Some of them are put together especially for ring extensions. Other have a sewing point at the top, which is specifically designed to be used for sewed extensions that you buy, based on how many meters you need. You can attach these to the hair near the scalp or sew them to your braids.

There are extensions with Keratin tips and extensions, which stick to the hair using glue. I would recommend not using glue to attach the extensions. It’s a very old method and maybe it was all right to use it many years ago but now it’s much better to use Keratin tips instead. However, keep in mind that Keratin glue is very expensive. If you come across extensions with Keratin tips at low prices, be aware that those are usually just regular old glue instead of Keratin. Therefore, be mindful of the price you pay for the material you are purchasing. A cheap product can’t be made using good material.

Keratin tips on the extension come in different forms, such as rectangular or spoon shapes. I usually use scissors to cut the tips and use my own Keratin glue instead or just avoid buying hair with Keratin tips already attached to them. You can let your client know about this decision. If you use cheap of fake Keratin, it could cause hair damage or your extension could start detaching from the hair and falling off, which I’ve personally seen happen with cheaper extensions. It’s also possible that the Keratin material used had gone bad and has lost its potency. This problem could also cause your extension to start falling off. Other factors could also affect your Keratin extension work such as the way the hair extension is attached to the hair, the way the Keratin tip is attached to the extension, and lastly the quality of the Keratin itself. Therefore, make sure to buy the right type and quality of hair and most importantly make sure there aren’t many short hair strands inside the batch you are purchasing. Lastly, I recommend asking a professional to choose the right hair extension for you.

What problem could be caused by using the unhygienic extension. Free and nonstandard extensions have become more available lately and with that hygienic issue have become rampant. This is mostly due to the chemicals and organic material added to the extensions to preserve them, keep them soft and shiny. When you attach these to your hair, it will eventually touch your face and your scalp at some point, maybe during your sleep. The result is fungus, alopecia like local hair fall, and severe damage to the tissue.

What branch or group of authorities or organization is responsible for overseeing the quality and safety of extension products. Unfortunately not. There are many big companies producing and selling these products and virtually no organization is overseeing the production quality. Most of the produce is below standard with something like forty percent synthetic material included. For example, the extension you see here is impossible to be good quality and this cheap at the same time. They usually look very good to start with and even respond very well to a dye and come in different fantasy colors, but they are mostly made of synthetic material and if you look closely you’ll notice they have the same thickness from root to stem. As I told you before, a good natural extension without synthetic material is thicker at the root and thinner at the end of the stem. What you see here is an example of a standard extension. Extensions, which are provided in neat packages and handpicked small strands, even with the most famous brands, are not standard extensions. No matter which actor or model is presenting them.

How can you know if you are buying a good extension. A good way is to burn a strand of the hair to check how fast it will burn. Natural hair burns very fast since it’s made of organic fiber whereas synthetic fiber is made of plastic and other chemicals which burn slower. This is the best way to check if the extension is made of natural fiber. Some people also suggest smelling the extension to check if the hair smells like plastic or any type of non-organic material. These aren’t very good methods since it’s easy to cover such signs using preservatives. For example, Argan oil is a very good substance to use to hide the smell and is actually used in copious amounts.

There are many colors of Keratin available in the market. What is the usage of each of these Keratin substances. Keratin is available in different colors and different models. They are available in the form of tape, sticks and even powders. They are also available in different colors such as colorless, yellow, black, brown, and red. You can find Keratin substances in almost any color you want. The important factor is the quality of the material. As you well know, extensions are available in different colors. For example, the extension you see here was a blond hair and we have changed its color. The Keratin tip is still blond. Either you can buy wine colored Keratin tip to go with the dye color, or you can just apply a dye to the tip a few shades darker than the hair color for about twenty to thirty minutes and then add your colorless Keratin substance to it.

The correct way to add Keratin to the tips is however like this. You separate layers of hair and add glue to them. Then dye the hair to the color you want and cut the glue from the hair and apply your Keratin instead. But for this method you will have to cut too much hair and the client’s hair becomes too short and hence sometimes if you have a good extension, you can do the whole layer of hair together. This is, however, something that only a trained professional can do. Keep in mind that the Keratin you apply to the tips of this hair layer must be some of the most standard Keratin tips. This means you should have less glue and more Keratin in that mixture. When you have a larger proportion of Keratin, you damage the hairless. Because the nature of the Keratin substance is very soft and in itself can protect the hair to some degree. However, keep in mind that you will always need a small amount of glue ass well because otherwise, the extension would slip on the hair.

An extension done by a professional can guarantee the health and quality of your hair and extension. I hope you have enjoyed this video.

Until next time, goodbye.

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