Japanese Hair Straightening Restoration Overview

In this tutorial, you will see the steps to a hair rebounding restoration process. This video was provided by Ostoureh Beauty Salon. To join our classes, please contact us at .


Greetings. The hair you see here has gone through a rebounding process last year. During this time, the hair has grown twenty centimeters longer and a restoration process is required. Let’s go through the process step by step together.

I washed and dried the hair. I will separate the hair and come back when it’s time to apply the product. We have applied the material to the hair and brushed it. You can see how resistant the hair is. The amount of time you should allow for the material to remain on the hair depends on how resistant the hair is. We’ll let the hair material remain on the hair as long as the hair will allow. I’ll rinse the hair and come back with the rest of the process.

This is the same hair I showed you before. Our rebounding process is almost over. I didn’t iron the stems of the hair strands since it had already gone through a rebounding process. I applied the product and the process only for the roots. We have to let the hair cool down a bit and then we can apply the second step material to the hair and let it remain on the hair for twenty minutes. We’ll rinse the hair after the allotted time has passed.

The aftercare process is of utmost importance. The client must use a special rebounding shampoo. Make sure to use Argan oil. Also, it’s very much recommended to use a hair mask, since ironing the hair removes the moisture from the hair and the hair becomes dry and fragile. It’s for these reasons why the aftercare process is very important otherwise the hair could be damaged. Although, this hair is completely healthy at this time and as you can see it’s thoroughly straight.

We started working together at the start of the video on this same hair. It’s now straight and we can apply the neutralizing material. Now, this is the hair after the application of neutralizer and consolidation material. This is the second time the client is referring to us for this process.

I hope you have enjoyed this video. Until next time, goodbye.

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