Beautiful Eyebrow Shading With Powder

In this video, you are going to see how eyebrow shading using powder and Micro-pigmentation technics is performed. This tutorial is provided by expert pigmentation artist and instructor Mrs. Darya Hosseini.


Greetings. I’m Darya Hosseini, pigmentation artist, and instructor. Today I want to talk to you about Eyebrow Shading.

The eyebrow design is based on the pie number and the golden ratio. In addition, we measure and consider the bone above the eyebrows. Measuring for symmetry is not done using plain sight and is done using a ruler instead. There are also smartphone applications you can use.

Shading is a process of adding color to the eyebrow from darker to lighter spectrums. The colors are in the form of powders. In European style of shading, the crown is sparsely colored and does not appear to have a frame. The difference between shading and old style tattoos is that it looks very natural and there is no frame.

This technic is better suited for people with old or fading tattoos and for those who prefer not to use hachures or have very white skins. It’s important to use colors which do not contain Iron, Lead or Aluminum. In the past, these elements were used in tattoos to extend its durability. For example, Iron has a bigger molecular structure which is the basis for the color red. It takes longer for this molecule to be absorbed by the body. hence the color will last longer. The downside is the color will start to look red after a while. In newer technics colors with less harmful materials are used. These new colors are easier to absorb by the body and will not cause any harm or damage when applied. These colors usually have a shorted lasting period but will never change their color spectrum, or start to look red. They will just disappear after a while and you won’t have to erase the pigment or change the design.

The best way to care for your shaded eyebrow is to lubricate it with a vitamin A ointment for one or two days. There’s no need to avoid using water and you can wash it after the shading process.

Our shading process is over. I hope you have enjoyed this video. If you would like to know more about shading, you can join us at our classes.

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