How To: French Scalp Braid Tutorial

To get started, first divide the hair on top into two equal sections. Take a bunch of her from the front in a triangular shape. Start braiding the hair from the scalp on the top down to the nape of neck. Hold the braid in one place with a hairpin.
Do the exact same on the other section and tie the end with a hairgrip.


Hello everyone, today we're about to show you a braiding style technique. we've divided the hair into two parts in a zigzag way. take a triangular shape of hair bunch. and begin braiding. as I'm braiding forward, I'll add hair bunches to the braid from both sides on the scalp. so the braided hair sticks to the scalp. This is called the French scalp braid. I'll keep braiding in this way down to the head bottom. Then I'll tie the braid end with a hairpin. Then go to the other side for braiding. now we came to the next section for braiding. I'll do the very same thing. I took a triangular bunch, divided into 3 parts. and add hair to the braid from both sides on the scalp. Dear pals, we're done with our braiding here. I do hope this has been useful for you. To sign up for the classes, please dial the phone numbers.

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