How To: Flat-Bonded vs Round-Bonded Hair Extension

Pre bonded hair extensions, also known as fusion bonded extensions are one of the most well-known techniques available on the market. It is still popular amongst hair extension technicians today. The name ‘Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions’ is derived from the pre-tipped keratin bond at the top of each strand.

Before deciding how to section the entire hair, we need to consider several factors such as the client’s head shape and their desire. For instance, many may feel uncomfortable lying in bed after having extensions, for such people particularly, flat-bonded extensions are the best option to choose.
Follow the tutorial guide below to find out more about how the process is carried out. Moreover, to attend the instruction courses provided by Ms. Shirin Aghili, please dial the phone numbers available.


Hello everyone, This is Shirin Aghili, a hair extension expert, Today I'm here with a flat-bonded and round-bonded extension item. how we should separate the hair for extension will depend on several principal factors. the most important one is the shape of the client's head. We should decide whether or not the head needs reshaping. note that the technician can easily change it into the desired shape. the second most important thing is that you wish to perform a classic light or a modern light extension. or what colour changes are gonna occur to the client's hair. This is also very important for how the hair should be divided. If you're that kind of technicians who use the same style to divide hairs for all clients.

I must tell you there are much easier ways to achieve much prettier results. the only thing is that you need to know the head shape as well as the means of dividing hair. one more thing is we wanna introduce the flat-bonded extension style which is highly beneficial to those having issues with some other certain extension styles. the first issue is that some may hate touching the extension hair with fingers. so flat-bonded style is the best choice for such people. some may feel uneasy when lying in bed, they feel like the extension bonds hurt their head. so flat-bonded style can provide great convenience to such people too. however, I'll perform both of the techniques here. round-bonded extension, which has earned a place among stylists and is a trendy popular style used by many in the world,
Is a technique where natural hair sections are bonded to extension hairs in a tiny tube-shaped gluing material. in fact, as its name implies, the bonding area has a round figure with a tube-shaped bonding material in which the natural hair is inserted. well, I've performed both techniques here. These are flat-bonded extensions where as you see the bonds with flat surfaces. having rather rectangular surfaces. and lie on the head following the natural growth of hairs. and these are round-bonded extensions which as I said are quite trendy and popular. and enables us to perform light extensions. well, we'r done with this light extension item, I do hope you liked it. To attend our instruction courses in this beauty salon, please dial the numbers provided. Good Luck.

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