How To: Simple, Beautiful Chignon

In this short tutorial from, you will learn the step by step process of a beautiful, new chignon hairstyle.


Greetings to everyone watching Today I want to show you a beautiful, simple chignon.

Separate the hair into four parts. Separate the hair on two sides of the head, separate the back and tie it in a ponytail, and the last part, the hair on the crown of the head. Wrap the hair in the back around a piece of sponge, fix it to the back of the head using hairpins, and then cover the sponge with the hair. Separate another layer of hair, tease the hair with your brush near the root,
Then roll the hair with your fingers and put it on the sponge.

Let’s move on to the crown. Tease the hair with your brush. Now wrap the hair up and tie it with a hairband. Roll the remainder of the hair, like the previous layers, and fix it on the head. Now let’s work on the sides and the front. Separate the bangs from the middle section, pull the layer to the back, create lines on the hair using your fingers and align the layer with the rest of the hair. Do not forget to use enough styling spray to fix the hairstyles.

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