Simple Textured Chignon

In this video from we are going to show you a simply textured chignon. This tutorial is brought to you by Mrs. Norouzi.


Greetings, I’m Shahrnaz Norouzi and today I’m going to show you how to do a textured chignon.

To do this type of chignon you have to roll the hair from the top and middle of the head and use it as a base. Next, you can brush the front layers of hair to the back. We’re going to stick the front hair to the base using ping and needles and later give it texture.

Now we can start working on the sides. Separate batches of hair from the side and iron them using a hair iron. Ironing makes the hair look better especially if you have messy hair which might stick out when doing a bun and also makes the conditioning easier. Push all the ironed hair to one side. This is one of the easier chignons for those of you who'd rather do a simple uncomplicated yet beautiful bun. As I said before, ironing the hair will help make the bun look better and cleaner.

After ironing, brush the hair and hold it in your hand like this and use small pins or needles to hold the hair in place. Be careful not to use a strong clip or pin. Use a little hair cream to give the hair some texture. The more work you put into making the texture the better the chignon is going to look. If you want to have a very vivid texture, you can repeat the process and use more cream and styling spray. You don’t have to use a special type of hair cream or styling spray. Just use whatever you are comfortable with. How many times you repeat the process and the quality of work is what makes the chignon beautiful and lasting. Some people often ask if there’s a special chignon spray or hair cream. There really isn’t and you can use whatever you like and those of you who have participated in my classes know that we always use the regular everyday products.

Now we have to work on the opposite side. We’ll perform the exact same process. Iron, brush and curve the hair in your hand and hold it using a simple hairpin. Keep in mind that there shouldn’t be a space between the left and right layers. They should stick together completely. Use a bunch of pins or needles. A few of them will not hold the hair in place and it will become loose. The point is to keep the hair in place long enough for the texturing to be done and the styling spray to take hold and then you can add pins under the layers you've modeled. Spray the hair with the styling spray from a little distance and blow dry the hair to make sure the product is completely dry.

Even if you have shorter hair, you can still do the same chignon. Even if your hair is barely below the neck. This part here is sort of an excess hair which we are going to roll up behind the bun and keep in place using pins. Keep in mind that if you have hair like this, the sides should stick to the bun. Again a little cream and styling spray and blow drying to dry the product and then removing the pins is all we have to do.

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