How To: Attention-drawing Bangs Cut Style

To get started, first separate a section in a semicircle form on the front and comb it well towards the forehead. Gather it together at the point you wish to cut the bangs. Hold it tightly with one hand and cut it with the other.
Then you’ll see it appears longer on the sides than on the middle. So make the required symmetry and cut the extra length on the sides.

Below you can watch a full tutorial of bangs haircut. To join the classes presented by Ms. Ebrahimpour, please dial the numbers provided.


Greetings to every one of you audiences. I'm Maryam Ebrahimpour, a haircut, chignon and formula expert. Today I'm gonna teach you a haircut item. the style you're about to see is dividing a section of the hair to make a bangs haircut. a kind of bangs which would be either straight or choppy and edgy and has shorter hair on the front and grows longer as it goes to the sides. I've divided a section of the hair in form of a semicircle to be on the same line as the brows arch. brush it well and hold the length of the section I wish to cut with one hand. gather the hair thoroughly to the point at which the client likes to have it cut, it could be eyebrow length or a bit longer. and cut it straight at that point. pull it thoroughly straight. hold onto it firmly and cut it with the scissors. straight just like this. after cutting when we put it back on place, if you see closely you will notice that it's longer on the sides than in the middle.

So let's begin cutting it in a diagonal direction according to the guides. and will do the same on the other side while we can use the both fingers as guide. keep in mind that the bangs cut is suitable to both rough and soft hair, but try not to wear it on curly hair. and if they want it to be uniformly straight we can cut it like this which is equal on both sides. but if they like it to be a bit choppy, we can grab a section from the middle. and hold it with one hand to form a 90 degree angle to the forehead, then thin it out a little bit. grab one more section the same as the previous one in 90 degree angle. hold it tightly and cut it based on the guides. just like this. when these layers are thinned out, it makes the bangs cut look more bushy. We don't usually recommend this bangs cut to people having a too round face. as well as square-shaped faces. because the bangs makes round faces look rounder. instead it looks better on triangular faces, so try not to have this style if you're round-faced.

However if you'd like to have this style, try to have a side-swept bangs cut not the full bangs. now for the remaining hair, we can teach you to use a trimmer for around the head as well as the top and crown part. I've divided a semicircle on this area. and will cut this part thoroughly with a trimmer. look, I've cut this part with the trimmer, but this mannequin is sparse on some areas. and if you want to cut it with a trimmer, when you run the comb in the hair. you can either hold it at 1 cm away from the scalp or just place it on the scalp and trim it. it all depends on how short and thin you'd like it to be. but I'll hold it at 1 cm away and then trim it. I'll trim it thoroughly all around the hair. after doing this part, I'll separate another section and start thin it out at a 45 degree angle. I can cut the ends straight so the scissors trace is left on it or I can just thin it out to make it a bit choppy. because many clients don't like us to use thinning razors.

Again grab another section from the top and thin it out at a 45 degree angle. do the same on the other side. grab a section diagonally and thin it out at the same degree. hold it still and cut it on the both sides. now comb it well . and now start cutting it at a 45 degree angle based on the previous guide. We did a bangs cut for the crown part of the head too. bring a bit of the bangs to the back to make it level with the previous ones. push them back. well we're done with this tutorial. you can use it for a layered or any other model. my aim was to show you how this straight bangs is cut in a way that is a bit longer around the ears. This bangs cut doesn't suit round and oval faces. it looks good on people with thin hair on the front. It also helps those who don't have a much pretty hairline to make it look better. you can use scissors or trimmers for the hair on the back. I hope you've found this tutorial informative. To enroll in our instruction courses, please dial the numbers provided. see you later.

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