How To: Choosing The Right Color For Your Hair Dye

In this brief tutorial, you will learn more about the factors you should consider when choosing a color for your hair dye. This video was provided by Mrs. Solmaz Hatamian.


Greetings. I’m Solmaz Hatamian. I’m a formula expert and instructor.

One of the questions women are often faced with is which color of hair dye is more suitable for them. One of the ways, which can really help us create a healthy dose of variety, is changing hair color. Nevertheless, dyeing your hair very dark or very light doesn’t necessarily mean the change is a suitable one. The best way is to know your skin and hair color and choose the best dye with regards to these factors.

For a general categorization, we can separate skin types into three groups. People with white skin, people with brown or dark skin, and lastly neutral skin types. A good way to understand if a person has a cold skin color or a warm one is to look at the veins in their hands. Green colored veins are often an indication of warm skin colors, while purple and blue veins are indications of cool skin types. Neutral skin types have veins with colors somewhere between the two.

For white or cool skin colors, a warm dye is most suitable, such as coffee color, honey color, gold or copper. These are very suitable for cooler skin types and makes the skin look warmer. Cooler colors are more suitable for people with brown or dark skin colors such as beige, or grey, or any sort of color which can neutralize the warm color of their skin. The best type of skin color is the neutral type, which is suitable for any dye be it with warm colors or cool ones. These include coffee colors, honey, caramel, grey, and olive.

Another one of our criteria when it comes to choosing the right color for our dye is the color of our client’s eyes. This can help us choose the most suitable color based on the color of their skin and eyes. It’s best to choose a color which doesn’t conflict with the color of their eyes or isn’t too far different from it.

You can contact our center if you have any questions. I hope to meet you all soon. Goodbye.

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