How To: Permanent Nail Implant & Design

In this brief tutorial, you will learn how to implement a permanent nail design. This video was provided by Banoo Shafi’e Beauty Salon.


Greetings. Based on your request, we want to talk to you about permanent designs today.

Apply a dry manicure before attaching the tip. Clean and form the nail and cut it short prior to attaching the tip. Attach the glass tip with a suitable glue after a soft scrub. Use paper scrub again to scrub the tip after removing it using a cutter to the preferred length.

Cover the nail with a layer of powder from the root to the end of the tip. To stick the flowers on the nail, first smear your brush in liquid, apply the liquid powder on the nail, and hold it with your brush to make sure it’s stuck firmly on the nail. Use the liquid powder again and brush the flower with it to make sure the flower is flat and stuck to the nail.

Wait for the flowers and the liquid to dry and then apply the rest of your liquid powder in two phases. Smear your brush in liquid, apply it to the middle of the nail, and start distributing it on the nail from the root to the tip to make sure the material is equally distributed across the nail. Before the next step, wait a while to make sure the material is completely dry.

Start scrubbing the nail after the allotted time has passed. Use a handheld scrub and brush the sides of the nail. Use your scrub to form the angles and create the rectangular shape you want for the tip and then scrub the nail from different directions from left to right and right to left.

Now use a metal tip on your electric brush to scrub around the nail and the tip in a half crescent. Polish the nail to remove the excess material or the dust from the surface of the nail. As your last step during the process, buff the nail. To add more shine to the nail and make the flowers appear more vividly and give the nail a glassy look, apply a thin layer of top gel on the nail. Put the nail under LED light for sixty seconds to dry the top gel.

You can join our classes and workshops over at Banoo Shafi’e Beauty Salon. I hope to meet you all very soon. Goodbye.

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