How To: Simple Chignon

In this tutorial, you will learn how to do a simple middle chignon bun.


Greetings. I’m Maryam Ebrahimpour. I’m a hairstylist and formula expert and instructor. I’m here today with a chignon tutorial.

I’ve separated a layer of hair from the back of one ear to the other. Let’s take a layer of hair and tease it thoroughly. After teasing the hair a bit, let’s use a styling spray. Let’s spray the hair between the layers and attach a hair prosthetic under the layers of hair. Brush the hair. Put it over our prosthetic. Attach the hair to the prosthetic using a hairpin.

I’ll separate another layer of hair, tease it, brush it to make it smooth and orderly and then spray it with hair styling spray. Wrap it around your finger. Use a metal hair clip right here. Hold the hair around the hair clip and spray it with styling spray. Hold the remaining part of the hair, widen it with your hand, and put it under the previous layer.

Separate another layer from the side, widen the layer, take it under the previous layer and fix it in place with a hairpin. Separate another layer of the remaining hair and apply styling spray. Do the same as before by putting the hair under the previous layer and fixing it in place with a hairpin. This type of chignon is suitable for women who prefer a simple chignon.

I’ll separate another part of the hair and brush it so it’s smooth. I’ll brush the hair in the front. Twist the hair a bit like this. I can twist the hair around my finger, hold it here while it’s twisted like this, and fix it with a hairpin.

This concludes our tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed it. Until next time, goodbye.

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