Micro-Blading With PhiBrows Standard Explained

In this tutorial, you will learn more about the micro-blading process based on the PhiBrows standard. This video was provided by Mrs. Darya Hossein.


Greetings. I’m Darya Hosseini. I’m a pigmentation artist and instructor. Today I want to teach you the PhiBrows micro-blading standard.

We’ve designed the eyebrows based on the Pi number, the golden ratio, the bone on the temples, and the bone above the eye sockets. The symmetry of the eyebrows is set using two different rules and a smartphone application to check and make sure. You are watching a natural pigmentation process using a micro-blading technique based on PhiBrows standards. This process takes effect on the superficial layers of the skin or Epidermis, which reduces the danger of any tissue damage.

In older tattoo methods, the pigmentation entered the Dermis layer where the veins, hair follicles, and nerves existed. The new methods such as this have nothing to do with the deeper layers of the skin and the whole process takes place on the surface of the skin. The colors we are using here are all organic and there are no chemical ingredients or Iron and Aluminum. Because of the nature of the ink used during this process, it will not change color to orange, purple, or red and instead it fades away completely with time and there will be no need to remove it to change the design.

This process is suitable for anyone who likes to have a natural looking eyebrow and would rather have the option of redoing or changing the design after a period. This process depends on the natural hair type and direction of hair growth. The process should take place according to the natural eyebrows, the face of the client, and be as thin as natural hair. If the client is complaining about feeling pain during the process, you can use special anesthetics designed to be used during this process and won’t remove the pigments or fade them.

This method is implemented using the micro-blading device and you can combine this process with a micro-pigmentation process. This process doesn’t need any special care afterward, and you only have to apply ointments to the area for a few days.

If you like to join our classes, please contact us with the numbers provided in the description. Have a great day. Goodbye.

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