How To: Treating Minor Onychocryptosis

In this tutorial, we will talk about treating Onychocryptosis. This video was provided by Kimia Beauty Academy. To join our classes, or to book our services, please contact us at Kimia Beauty Academy.


Greetings. I am Farnaz Moradi. I am a Pedicurist from Kimia Beauty Academy. I have more than six years of experience in hand and feet hygiene and health. Today I want to talk to you about treating Onychocryptosis.

To treat Onychocryptosis we ask the patient to put her feet inside the tub filled with lukewarm water for fifteen minutes. To pull the nail out of the tissue, we use an orthodontist tool designed to pull the nail out and we latch the edges of the tool to the edge of the nail, then put the foot back in the tub again. We attached the orthodontic tool to the nails and now we should put the feet back in the tub. Keep in mind that you should ask the client to pull her feet out of the tub every five minutes so you can twist the screw on the device a bit more. After repeating this process a few times, unscrew the device and remove it. The result is that the nail is now completely flat on the sides and outside the flesh and the client does not feel any pain. Now we should remove the excess nail on the borders of the nail and remove any part of the nail that might cause probleMs. Use a pusher to remove push the cuticles back. Now remove all the dead skin and tissue around the nails using a nipper. Keep in mind that you should only remove the dead skin. This will make the nails look much longer. Now let us cut the nails in rectangle shapes. You should not cut the nails too close to the root, or too far from it. After removing the nails and forming them, we should scrub the nails as well. Remove the edges of the nail completely using the scrub.

Now buff the nails. Using the buff, we can remove the scratches, lines, and the yellow layer on the top completely. Now polish the nails to smooth the surface. After the polish, apply a cuticle oil product on the nail cuticles. Our simple pedicure is over and we have treated the Onychocryptosis. To join our classes, or to book our services, please contact us at Kimia Beauty Academy.

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