How To: Short Bob Haircut

In this tutorial, you’ll watch a short bob haircut in action and learn the methods for the cut. This video was provided by Viona Beauty Academy.


Greetings. I’m here today from Viona Beauty Academy with a tutorial on a short bob haircut. This type of haircut is more suitable for people with straight hair and oblong faces.

Separate the hair on the front until the back of the ear and split the hair from the middle. Now separate the hair in the back of the neck in the shape of an inverted V, and cut it in a zero degree angle on the bottom of the neck in a way that the hair on the two sides of the head remains longer.

For the next layers, do the same and separate moderate volumes of hair in an inverted V shape and cut them in a 45-degree angle, while keeping them shorter than the hair on the sides. Separate the hair in the front in three sections starting at the line of the eyebrows until the middle of the head, pulling them backward, and cutting in a zero degree angle. You can also pull the hair above the ears back to the middle of the head and cut to make this layer of hair longer if this is what the client prefers.

Do the same for the other side of the face. At last, start shearing the hair to reduce some of the weight. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. To join our classes and for more information, please call our consultants over at Viona Beauty Academy.

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