One of The Newest Linear Chignons (Shinion)

In this educational video from Ms. Parvaneh Habibi from ChatreGol Beauty Salon, she teaches you a new linear Chignon. To attend classes, call .


Hello everyone, this is Parvane Habibi, the manager, and instructor of Chatre Gol institute with 20 years of experience.

Today, I am going to teach you a new style of the chignon.

I hope this video would be useful for you.

As you see I have divided the hair into sections.

Separate the hair from ear to ear and divide the hair in the back into 2 sections and fasten them and this part of the hair will be fastened in the center as you see here
after that, we start to style the hair by making roses.

For making this part to be shown in more volume of hair, we tease it, I have done it before beneath the hair.

We start from this part, pull out some lines of hair as you see here
after that, we spray it
you can also form the hair after spraying, you can add a style of curve
after the lines are ready, we add the hair silicon prosthesis in the center and back of the head and take a layer and cover the prosthesis
after that, we make the roses.

If the hair of the customer has a good volume, you can only use her hair without prosthesis.

For making roses, we tease a layer and spray it fully.

This layer could be rolled like a paper you can do it with spray
use the spray on two sides.

Then make the layer straight with your hands
do it for several times.

For all roses, it should be done
as you saw, we make the roses
the shape depends on the length of the hair.

If the hair was short, the shape of the roses can be smaller
but you can use this model for shorter hair, too.

For the center part, the roses are made from the hair of the front part.

We brush it and form roses this part and attach the hair
the roses of the center part are made with the front hair and the other roses are made with these two ponytails we have
I have made the roses here.

This layer of hair is from front side.

We take it to the center, in this part.

We fix it here and the roses can be made the same way
anywhere you have empty space
I will make it completely
all the rest of the hair is used to make roses
as I said, first you should brush and spray it fully and then make the roses
all the roses are set on the prosthesis in order
I will complete the chignon and show you the end
chignon is done, I hope you have enjoyed this video.

For joining public or private classes, you can give us a call.

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