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In the video from Rojelab series, Ms. Sara Asgari teaches how to make eye-catching eyes.


This is Sara Asgari, make-up artist and instructor in Shimer Salon.

Today, I want to teach you a type of eye-shadow for natural faces
I hope you enjoy this video
the natural size of eyes from this point to the other point, we should have distance equal to 5 eyes.

This distance can make the eyes far or near
the distance between eyes may be more or less
so it means far eyes or near eyes
the natural model is that there should be a distance at the size of one eye in the middle
from beginning to the end of the eye
tap a light shadow.

This light shadow can be in any color from a white color to light colors of beige or pink.

Or any other color.

Then we use a dark shadow on the end of the eyes as you see here
a dark color like brown or smoky
you should tap the shadow only at the end of the eyes not out of them
you can fade the last part on the eyelid.

For the eyes which are near to each other, we should use the light shadow more
the more lighter color you use like white or silver, whether shiny or matte
it results to look more distant
another thing we can do is to draw the eyeliner very thin from the front part of the eyes and use the eyeliner completely on the eyelashes
the end part of the eyes can be thicker to attract attention here
in this way, the eyes do not seem near to each other
so the eyeliner is thicker at the end part of the eyes and the eyeliner of front part of the eyes should be on the eyelashes and very thin
eyelashes also should be longer at the end part of the eyes
use a few small eyelashes on the front part of the eyes
so we use longer and more eyelashes at the end part of the eyes because it draws more attention to that part.

This was the technique for the eyes which are near to each other.

If you like to learn in a more specialized form, for other models of eyes
models like eyes near to each other, far from each other, etc and all other models of eyes and you can call our counselors and join our private classes.

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