How To: Simple, Beautiful Chignon Up-Do

In this tutorial, we will talk about a chignon hairstyle. This video was provided by Chatr-E-Gol Beauty Institute. To join our classes, please contact us at .


Greetings. I am Parvane Habibi. I am the administration at Chatr-E-Gol Beauty Institute with twenty years of experience. I am a hairstyle, hair formula, and chignon expert. Today I am here with a chignon tutorial.

Separate the hair from one ear to the other. Separate the hair on the top, fix it there with a hair clip and separate the hair in the back of the head into two parts. Our chignon starts with working on the hair on the top. You should create lines on this part of the hair and bring it to the middle. Pull the hair on the surface a bit and create the lines. After making the lines, spray the hair a little to fix it. After creating the lines and spraying the hair, use hairpins to fix them in place.

After fixing the hair here, we have to tease the layer. After fixing the hair here, push the hair layer and use it as a prosthetic. Therefore, we can use this layer as a prosthetic. When the prosthetic is fixed in place, you can curl these layers on the side and bring them over the prosthetic. Now let’s take the layers on the side, twist them together loosely and bring them on the prosthetic. After bringing the layers on the prosthetic, we have to pull the layers out a little bit. Make sure to pull the layers out slowly and gently to avoid making the hair frizzy.

After pulling the hair every time, use a hair spray and use hairpins to hold the hair. We will keep doing the same thing from the side of the hair, layer by layer. Continue by taking each layer of hair, depending on the volume, and twist them together loosely like this and then pull the layers out a little. This concludes our tutorial. I hope it has been useful. To join our private and public classes, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description.

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