How To: Loose French Chignon

In this tutorial, you will learn how to do a loose French chignon.


Greetings. I am Maryam Ebrahimpour. I am a hairstylist, formula expert, and instructor. Today I want to show you a chignon hairstyle.

I have separated the hair layers all around the hair and tied the hair in a ponytail in the back. I have put a prosthetic all around the ponytail. You can also use donut-shaped hair prosthetics and pull the hair out from the middle and use hairpins to fix the prosthetic to the hair. I have fixed the hair the same way in the back. I will separate a layer from the bangs and start teasing. I will tease the hair completely, and can even use hair spray or volume powder to add some volume. Then brush the hair upward. Use your hand to form the hair.

I will use hairpins here to hold the hair. I will use some styling spray again. I will use some hairpins for this area again and fix the hair layer on the top. I will continue the same process for the layer on the side and all around the head by teasing the hair. Apply the hair spray between the hair layers. We can even keep some of the hair on the side like this. I proceeded like before for the side of the hair as well, and we will do the same for all the hair layers. I created lines all around the hair as I did in the front. Only the ponytail and the tail of the layers from the front remains.

Let’s separate a layer from the ponytail, tease it and spray it with a little styling spray. Brush it and put it on this part like this. Now use your fingers to pull a few lines out of the hair layer, create the lines, and fix it with hairpins. Now apply some hair spray. If you want to add more volume to the hair, you can twist a few thin layers and leave them like this. I will leave a few layers to remain free on the hair like this. The same way for the next layer, tease the hair a bit, put it across the first section, and widen the layer a bit. Now fix it with hairpins. Spray the layer with some styling spray. I can even attach a few hairpins to hold the lines on the hair.

After a while, when the lines are fixed, I can remove the hairpins. Tease the remainder of the hair from below. Brush the surface. We can apply a little shine spray, but not too much, because it will soften the hair. Pull a few lines of the hair out to create lines. Now we can fill the empty spaces on the head with these hair layers. I will do the same all around the head. If we have some of the hair remaining, we can skip putting them inside the chignon and let them hang outside. Only one layer of the hair remains. For this layer, I will hold the hair in my hand as I did with the other layers and pulled a few lines out. Now I can fix it here. Sometimes we want to create a basis for the hair. I can take this line of hair, attach a hairpin and continue like this.

You can attach the hairpin anywhere you like. If I want to attach the hairpin here, I can pull the hair up like this, and put the hair back down after attaching the hairpin here. This will add some volume to the hair. I pull out a little bit of hair to create lines and use some spray. I can smooth the layer with my hand like this and fix it here with a hairpin. I let the remainder of the hair layers hang out in the back. We can fill the empty spaces with decorative flowers or pearls.

This concludes our tutorial. I used decorative flowers in between the lines and pulled the hairpins out after I was finished. You can use this chignon for people who like loose chignons or French chignons. For this chignon do not pull the hair too tight and do not use too much hair spray. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. To join our classes, you can contact us with the information provided in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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