How To: Braided Chignon

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to do a simple yet elegant braided chignon.


Greetings. I’m Maryam Ebrahimpour. I’m a hairstyle and formula expert and instructor. I want to teach you a braided chignon today.

Separate a triangular layer of hair. Separate it into three smaller sections. Start braiding by putting a section under another. After starting, you braid, put the leftmost section aside. Add another layer to the right section. Don’t add it to the layer, instead hold it so you have three small sections of hair again. Start braiding again. After doing one more braid, leave the leftmost layer free. Separate another layer from the right. Start braiding by putting the section under the other one.

Use your brush to brush the previous layers and let the brush remain in the hair to hold it down tightly. Separate another layer and straighten it. Now braid the hair again. Put this layer aside. Brush this layer with the brush again and hold it down with the brush. I’ll continue this until the end of the hair. Therefore, I’ve braided the hair starting from the front until the end of the hair strands in the back.

Our braid is over. Now it’s time to tease this layer of hair a bit. Spray the hair with styling spray between the layers. Brush the surface. I’ll continue until the end and braid the hair at the end with a simple braiding style. Let’s pull the hair on the front to the back and pray it a bit and fix it right here. Use a spray and line up and arrange the hair. Use a hairpin in the back to fix the hair in place. Now let’s use another hairpin to connect these two sections of hair.

To continue, let’s separate a layer from the side here. Now I’ll do a loose braid. We can use a fishtail braid instead of a simple braid. To do this, separate the hair into two parts and then separate one part from each section and add it to the opposite layer. Use a hair band to tie the hair in the end. Pull the braid over the hair and fix it on the side with a hairpin. Twist the rest of the previous braid around this one.

For the rest of the hair, you can either brush it straight or twist it to give it a bit more flavor. You can use small flowers between the hair layers for decoration. This concludes our tutorial for today. I hope you have enjoyed this video. To join our classes, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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