How To: Nail Restoration

In this tutorial, we will show you how to restore a nail and design it. This video was provided by Bahar Sheidai Beauty Institute.


Greetings. Today I want to show you how to turn a simple tip attachment into a French naildesign. The nails you see here require restoration and we want to do a French naildesign for the client.

We already applied a layer of anti-fungus material and now it is time to apply the primer and start the process. We can use either an acidic primer or a non-acidic one. However, if your client has a thin nail and the cuticles are thin and sensitive as well, it is recommended to use non-acidic primers.

Make sure to apply the material one millimeter away from the tissue. Speed is very important because the material will dry very fast. The cleaner you can apply the material, the easier it is to scrub the nails afterward. To apply the French naildesign, we have to design the surface of the nail first. We already cut the nail a little shorter and applied a layer of powder on top.

Make sure to look at the nail from the front while scrubbing to make sure the nail is not lop-sided. When scrubbing the nail, make sure this area has a curve and is two or three millimeters away from the root. Curve this part and then flatten the rest of the surface. If you let the curve take place in the middle of the nail, it will look like an eagle claw, which is not pretty, and if you flatten the whole nail, it will look like it has an upward curve, which is not good at all. After the surface is complete, you can use nail forms and clear powder to add to the length of the nail and then apply your design.

The restoration is complete and now we can move on to the design. Use a pink shine powder to create the basis for the design. After designing the nail, we should cover the surface with a layer of clear powder.

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