Beautiful Nail Designing

In this educational video from Rojelab series, you will see a new and eye-catching nail design.


Hi everyone, upon to your request I will teach baby boomer nail design with airbrush
at first, apply a base gel and put it under the UV lamp for 60 seconds
apply a base gel again and put it under the UV lamp for 60 seconds
baby boomers come in 2 types: The first model is embedding and acrylic. This one is a nail design that we can try with different colors. it does not need to be only in white,
We can choose any color such as white, red, pink, purple.
When we use the airbrush device. The equal amount of gel and cleanser can be used, but it is better to use cleanser a bit more.

When gel and cleanser are mixed together turn the airbrush on and with a little distance spread it on your nail. Then put nails under UV lamp for 60 seconds.

Again we use the airbrush to make the white color darker and use the UV lamp for 60 seconds.

In the next step, we can use sugar powder to make nails more beautiful. in this design, I use golden sugar for 2 or 3 nails. Then put your hand under the UV lamp for 60 seconds.

When each step is over, put your hand under the UV lamp.

The next step is applying the top gel on your nails and putting the hands under UV again
in the end, we can use colorful stones on your nails with the gel. This item is over and you can attend Banoo Shafiee classes and workshops by calling our numbers.

We hope to see you in Banoo Shaifee's academy.

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