How To: Sabrefish Braid

In this tutorial, you’ll learn the steps to a sabrefish braid.


Greetings. I’m Neda from Noghre Negar Beauty Institute. I’m here with a tutorial on sabrefish braids.

I’ve used a hairband to wrap the top part of the hair. The rest of the hair below is left open. I will separate the upper layer that we used a hairband to wrap, into two parts. Separate each of these parts into two more layers. Then pull them towards the center.

Separate another part, and put pull it to the center. Keep doing this for each side equally. For each layer I separate from one side, a layer is separated from the other side. All the layers are put in the center. Don’t pick your layers too thin or too thick because this braid will look much better if it’s thin. I keep doing this until the end following the same method I started with.

This is the finished braid. This braid can be done starting at the split section on the top of the hair and continued until the end. You can use this type of braid mixed with many other types. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. We hope to see you all at Noghre Negar Beauty Institute.

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