Course of Beauty Salon Management Skills

In this educational video, Mrs. Akbari provides explanations about the management skills.


Hi everyone, this is Akbari, the manager of Viyona salon.

In this video, I would like to talk about the abilities that an educational salon manager should have
the ones who enter this market
can start to work in the positions that are in accordance with their interests and the person who wants to be the manager of a salon
needs some abilities.

For example, having the skill of hiring suitable people
proper behaviour with all workers and to know the methods of setting goals and create motivation for them
another thing to know is scheduling the current state and monitoring the financial affairs and being familiar with tax an insurance affairs
hygiene and safety of the workplace and also regulations of Organization
making statistic reports in order to improve efficiency and making the best use of assets and effective commercializing
also having the ability to use computer and internet is essential
Of course, the manager can take advantage of professional monitoring or commercial teams
I hope that you could get some of your answers regarding the abilities of an educational salon manager
in Viyona institute, you can join the courses of educational management and the new methods of teaching which is essential for instructors.

Dear friends, you can give us a call to get more information in this regard from our professional counselors.

Good Luck!

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