How To: Lear Haircut

In this tutorial, we show you a simple and beautiful haircut.


Greetings. I am Maryam Ebrahimpour. I am a hairstyle, chignon, and hair formula, expert and instructor. Today I am here with another haircut tutorial.

The haircut I have in mind today is suitable for those who want to avoid cutting their long hair too short. They just want to tidy up their hair and want the cut using scissors. We will not be using a shearing blade, shearing scissors, or cutting machine. I separated the hair into four parts. The front into two parts and in the back the hair is separated from one side to the other. I kept one layer from the back.

First, I have to decide on the length of the hair. Separate a layer from the middle back, brush it straight and cut in a zero degree angle. If you want the cut to have a straight line, cut lengthwise. Otherwise, hold the hair in your hand and cut the hair using the tip of the scissor. The cut should be as long as you planned but there should not be a line where you made the cut. This haircut is a good choice for those starting as a beginner and is not familiar with cutting angles yet. I use the guide and cut the hair according to that. This is my guide, and I will cut the hair from this point in a zero degree angle.

We want to shear the last two centimeters of hair. Hold the hair layer in a sixty-degree angle, pay attention to the guide and then cut the hair diagonally. We do not want to leave a trace after the cut and want to shear the bottom of the layer, so we can hold the hair in a sixty-degree angle and cut the hair in the middle of the layer. Just make sure to cut all the hair layers in the same angle. If you cut this hair in ninety degrees or 130 degrees, you will shear more of the hair. The higher the angle, the more you shear the hair. The higher you hold the hair, the more you shear. This is a ninety-degree angle, and this is sixty degrees.

Separate the next layer into two parts. Use the lower layer of hair as your guide. How much you shear the hair depends on your client. Your client might ask you to shear their hair a little more. Nevertheless, this haircut is mostly suited to those who want to tidy up their hair without reducing the volume. Again, hold the hair in a sixty-degree angle. Like this. We will not cut in straight lines. Hold another layer of your guide and cut the next layer. I will continue the same way until I have cut all the layers. If you pay close attention to the hair in the back, you can see that we have sheared a few centimeters of hair at the bottom and there are no lines. The hair is not any shorter than it was before and the surface layer has been sheared a few centimeters.

Let’s move to the front. We separate the hair from the middle split section. I will use one layer from the back as my guide and another one in the front. We want to cut the hair in the front layer by layer like five centimeters diagonally. We can cut the hair in the front based on what the client wants. We can cut the most forwards layer up to the chin length. Let’s decide on the size of the cut first. Now let’s cut diagonally. Separate the hair from the middle section. Use the section on the left as your guide on that side and the one on the right as the guide for the right side of the head.

Separate a layer on the side of the ear and pull it forward to the side of the nose. Since the nose is situated in the middle of the face, it can be used to check the hair on both sides for symmetry. I can pull the hair to the tip of the nose and then hold it diagonally in a zero degree angle and use the guide to cut the hair. If you look closely, you can see how we cut the hair diagonally. Let’s separate another layer of hair, pull it slightly forward and use the guide to cut the hair. If you look closely, you can see that the hair is diagonal when I let it go back to its original position.

Let’s start cutting the hair in a sixty-degree angle. This is how to hold the hair, and this is the layer we use as a guide for the cut. Separate another layer from the back. I will hold the hair up in a sixty-degree angle but hold it tight. Hold the hair in a sixty-degree angle and hold it tight. Use the guide to cut the layer. I will do the same on the left side of the head.

This concludes our tutorial. You can brush this hair and style it, or just simply brush it and leave it. You can do the same for the bangs. You can leave them to hanging in the face a little or you can brush it back. I hope this tutorial has been useful. To join our classes, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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