Hair Color Combination Training

In this video tutorial from Rojelab series, we will teach you a kind of mesh called Slice Mesh. You can contact us at 02188850226 to purchase Valvar products.


Hi dear friends! today we (Viyona team) teach you hair highlighting in slice form by foil
in this technique, we divide the hair into 4 parts.

We use suitable amount of Val Var powder and oxidant.

And we start highliting from the front part of the hair.

We take thin layers and one layer between two layers of highlight should be free.

We continue up to the middle of the eyebrows.

We take the layer near the eyebrows in rectangular shape
contrary to the side part of the head that we had free layers
in this part, we do not have free layers because we want to have more highlight layers here.

We do the same on the back of the head and after it is done,
We take the free layers and tease them and do the highlighting at the end of the hair irregularly
after you are assured that the haircolor is what you desire.

We wash the hair in the head tub and we prepare it for coloring the hair
considering the haircolor I have, I use half of the color tubes
I use half of Valvar 7/0 and 7/47 color tubes and Valvar oxidant number 1
variation toners apply to remove unwanted yellow color of the hair.

For example, silver color variation tube which is very weak, is used to remove yellow and orange color of the hair
here I use purple variation color of Valvar in order to remove the unwanted yellow color of the hair and it makes our final color to look more natural
well, in this step, I washed the hair and I used hair conditioner of Valvar because this hair conditioner blocks the follicle of the hair and makes the hair so smooth and bright.

Dear friends, I hope you have enjoyed this video
by joining educational classes of Viyona salon, you can get a free package of Valvar colors and international vocational certificate.

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