How To: Partial Micro-Blading

In this tutorial, you will learn about the latest micro-blading techniques. This video was provided by Banoo Shafi’e Beauty Institute.


The micro-blading style we have chosen for this tutorial today is a style usually chosen by younger women who want to have a natural looking and full eyebrow, but there are areas usually on the crown or the tail of the eyebrows, which sometimes looks sparse. Here, we aim to show you how an eyebrow restoration process is done.

For this type of eyebrows, it’s better to start with diagonal lines at the bottom one-third of the eyebrows, close to the crown. We try to avoid continues and straight lines. The diagonal lines drawn at the top of the eyebrows require a lighter hand pressure. This will enable us to draw thinner and more delicate lines. You must pull the skin so you can draw the lines with the correct depth you have in mind.

During a micro-blading process, you should pay attention to the nature of the eyebrows. In a natural eyebrow, the hairs grow in different styles and directions. Hence, in a micro-blading process, you must pay attention to this natural style and draw the lines accordingly. For example, the hairs at the crown of the eyebrows are usually straight, while the growth is diagonal on the body of the eyebrows. At the tail of the eyebrows, the hair is growing downward.

In this method of micro-blading, we use PhiBrows devices, which are manual and there are no automatic or electric devices involved. Therefore, it’s the attention you pay to the process and hand movement and pressure is very important. It’s important to let the ink remain on the tissue for a while. When you apply the ink on the skin, let the ink remain on the skin for a while to give the pigments enough time to enter the skin before they are cleared.

For this part, it’s very important to be careful and draw delicate lines, thinner than the thickest strands of hair. Keep in mind that since my model had good eyebrows and only parts of the crown of the eyebrows needed restoration, and the eyebrows were symmetrical and full, we didn’t require any design. For the eyebrows that require a complete process across, designing the eyebrows before the process is of crucial importance.

You can use a tool called a micro brush to distribute the ink across the eyebrows and help get the pigmentations under the skin completely. Some students and colleagues ask about hand pressure required in different types of pigmentation processes and hachures. Or they are very scared of seeing plasma or some blood on the surface of the skin. Keep in mind that during all micro-blading processes, you must see a small amount of plasma discharge. This plasma discharge proves that we are working on the correct layer of the tissue.

It’s important to remember that this process is a painless one. There is truly no bleeding involved in the process. If you notice that there’s bleeding in one area during the micro-blading process, avoid that area and stop working on that spot. Those who have had tattoos on their eyebrows, or have gone through a micro-pigmentation process on the area before, won’t see the same results as they see here. This process is suitable for natural eyebrows and those who have never had any sort of pigmentation or tattooing process on the eyebrows before. This is why the result on natural eyebrows looks this delicate and beautiful. If you want to opt for some pigmentation technique, micro-pigmentation is your best choice.

The exception to this rule is a superficial and faded shadowing process like the one you see here. We can choose a darker color to apply our hachure process using the micro-blading process on the previous shadowing. Here you can clearly see how the micro-blading process on the right eyebrow has changed the way they look and how much volume has been added to the eyebrows. To protect your micro-blading process and your eyebrows and to get the best result, avoid any type of detergent and even washing with water for at least five days to protect the pigments. Also, use pure Vaseline for a few days.

Our micro-blading process using PhiBrows technique from Banoo Shafi’e Beauty Institute is over. I hope to see you all at our private and public classes and workshops. Until next time, goodbye.

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