Success Classes in The Hairdressing Market

In this video Mrs. Akbari explains about the training course of success in the hairdressing market.


Today I want to answer the questions many of you who would like to enter the hairdressing market may have.

You may you think hairdressing is easy and simple, but everyone needs to have special skills to meet this job's challenges. those friends who loved to pass sessions successfully and enter the market and be able to serve as a manager, they should prepare a professional environment for their monetization.

They must pay attention to a few points including: hiring a professional secretary. in addition to consulting, the secretary will have to save some brief information about customers to have efficient customer-relation management.

The next step is getting familiarized with accounting, tax, and health insurance.

The manager can get some help from experts in some cases, such as financial supervision, advertising, and arranging contracts.

Next item is having a sample album and creating a pleasant environment in their salon, especially in the waiting room.

The manager must check the competitive market, trying to spend on effective advertising, attracting new customers and preserving the old one.

Also, the manager must hire communicative, well-dressed and well- trained personnel.

Dear hairdressers for improving the quality of customer service provided and knowing the latest hairdressing methods you can always sign up in Viyona classes. and at the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of international technical and vocational qualifications.

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