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In this tutorial, you will learn more about organic tattoo removals by Pigment Off provided by Mrs. Dina Taghavi at their beauty clinic. To join our classes or to book our services, please contact us at 09195256779.


Greetings. I’m Dina Taghavi. I’m a pigmentation artist and permanent makeup expert. I want to talk to you about organic removal methods. I have talked about the organic removal of permanent makeups to an extent in my previous videos.

The removal method I want to talk to you about today is somewhat different from the previous organic methods. This method is one of the most recent removal methods used in the world. Using this method, you can even remove and heal scars and red spots left on the areas of skin due to previous removal processes done with a laser, or because of burns, color diffusions, and skin defects. This method not only won’t damage your natural eyebrows, but it will also help enhance and improve eyebrowhair follicles.

You can also use this method to remove old or discolored tattoos in other areas of the body. This method can be used to remove eyelash liners, eye shadows, and eye shadows with beige color or deep pigmentation caused by old tattooing methods. For the removal process, I use Pigment Off products. International authorities certify this method and all our experts at our centers. Therefore, you can apply for this method without worrying about side effects or skin defects after the process.

Some of you might be asking whether there will be a redness left on your skin after this process. For the area of the procedure to look like the rest of the skin, you have to go through a five to six month long healing process. In this type of removal process, you have to use special ointments provided to you after the process, before you take a shower. There are other aftercare products provided to you, which you have to use each time after taking a shower.

Some of you asked me whether this method is safe for women who are lactating, pregnant, or have diabetes. People with diabetes must provide written permission by their doctor. This is because we need to know how severe the diabetes is so we can decide on the method we use for the process. Lactating women can use this method without any problem. Pregnant women can also use this method, but we always recommend applying for.
This removal after the first three months of the pregnancy have passed. Although your doctor will always have the last say in this.

Some people have done a removal process before using skin colors, lasers, or chemicals available for this purpose in the market. I’m often asked if this process can be done even if a removal process has taken place prior. I have to say yes, you can come to us for a consultancy session, you will get to see how the process works, and we’ll explain to you how this process can easily be performed even if you have already gone through a removal process by other means.

You had also asked how much time is required to pass from one removal process to another one. The answer is, the required time can vary depending on the area where the removal has been done. Keep in mind that if you want to apply for tattoo removal on your eyebrows and you had one already, you must wait at least one month or a month and a half before you apply for the second session of removal. For the eyes, it’s two to two and a half months. The same is true for the lips. For every other part of your body, you have to wait at least three months. If you have a tattoo on sensitive areas of your body or areas on important veins, like the back of your neck or your wrist, then the removal session will be split in half and a two to three months waiting period between each half-session must apply.

Lots of you have said that you have done eyebrow implantation and asked if you can apply for a removal process or not. The answer is yes. However, based on the natural metabolism of your body, we recommend you wait at least six months after the eyebrow implant before opting for tattoo removal on the same area.

You asked if this method of removal could interfere or damage existing or future Botox injections. I have to tell you that there is no prohibition for using this type of removal if you have a Botox injection before and it’s completely safe. Some of you had asked if it’s possible to remove an eyebrow tattoo short after application using organic removals. If after an eyebrow tattoo you decide that you want to remove it,
If it’s been in a one to two hour period from the application, you can remove it immediately. However, if you decide to remove your eyebrow tattoo a while after its application, you will have to wait for one to one months and a half before you can opt for a tattoo removal process.

After using Pigment Off product, you have to avoid getting the area wet with water or anything else that might infect the area. You have to use the special ointments specific to this type of removal, which you will receive after the process. There are also recovery creams you will receive and apply accordingly after the process. You will have to apply this cream for one month after the removal. During this time, you can always contact our specialists at the center to ask your questions. You will have to return to the clinic each one to one and a half months for a checkup until the result is clear.

I would like to invite you all to use this method of removal because of its significant advantages over other removal methods. We have private classes for those who would like to learn how to work with these products. There are also public or master classes available. For more information, you can contact our center and speak to our staff.

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