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Most of you dear friends asked us about hair color combination. here we have some videos and images samples for hair combinations.

You may have some questions about hair color combinations and colorology, or on how to combine colors together?
many people have this sort of questions in their mind.

Here I have a small solution about these combinations that will address your concerns easily.

If you have hair color that you don't know it or haven't used it yet,
This video helps you make a beautiful combination.

I am explaining using the Valvar's hair color catalog and show you various color's combinations.

Most natural colors started with N in many hair colors brands and they are started from 1 to 10.

The primary number is put before the decimal point such as 1/0,2/0 or 3/0 and the number after the decimal point shows the color tonnage.

The number before the decimal point means the base of color. For example in N8 hair color or 8/0:
0 indicates that the color is natural and 8 is our base color. so if you need the color with 8-base, you should use 8/0 which means natural 8.

Then we got smokey or olive colors:.

For example olive color, this color number is 10/2.

Here 2 shows the olive color saturation but they are not the same in all the catalogs.

Most cataloges show them as 2,3 or 0/3 but they are all about olive or smokey colors. Just try to learn and remember the terms used by each brand. For example, the matte color means olive.

If you don't have a catalog you can read the name from the hair color box.

Such as beige, matte or golden and write the colors bases are written first.

For example 8/2, 8 its base and the matte means olive-like color.

From the number before decimal point we can read the base color. so the number 2 is olivaceous tonnage, especially in Valvar hair colors.

Well, we have smokey colors that here is called Ash. such as 6/1 in which number 6 is the base and 1 is color tonnage that means Ash color. so we have tonnage number after the decimal point.

Copper colors like 6/44 or 56 basically are warm colors. We can learn the color's tonnage from the word "copper". so 6 is the bases colors and 6/44 is the copper color.

Some colors may not have copper while we want to make copper-like color.

This color combination is red plus yellow. you can use cherry red instead of red with the base No. 6 or 7 and choose a golden color with the same bases (6 or 7).

You should choose your base color the same as your main color's base. it means that you can not use the base color No. 9 for the copper color because using number 9 can ruin your hair's color if you wash your hair.

So for copper combination use its basic colors such as No. 6 or 7 which have red or copper tonnage.

Well, we are going to explain smokey colors. most gray or smokey colors started with "A" although it may be different in other brands. But in Valvar hair color numbers A6/A7/A8/A9/ or A10 represent smokey colors that have a base color like No. 7,8,9,10 or 11.

The No. 11 has smokey tonnage. For copper, we have No. 5/44,6/44 and 7/44 that you can choose your basic color by using these number.

Golden has a lot of use cases.

We use a golden combination for white hair.

We use golden No. 5 or 6 for older women to cover their white hair while it won't look gray instead of gold.

Golden is a warm color and can hide white hair better than other colors. so use a golden combination with other colors.

Now we go to the color of tobacco. Valvar tobacco colors have 3 numbers such as 5,6,7 and these numbers are the basic numbers for tobacco.

There isn't a No. 9 or No. 10 or darker base colors for tobacco. so you can combine colors based on these numbers that you see in the video.

For example in "5/45", 5 is your base color and 45 is your tobacco tonnage.

Remember to use natural colors in all of your combinations.

You see Nescafe colors that are in the base with 5,6,7,8,9 numbers. but Valvar hair colors have No. 10 for basic colors and No. 10/47 or No. 9/47 is used for caramel colors.

But we can use base colors from No. 5 to No. 8 for Nescafe color.

Valvar hair colors have its own combination that named Golden Ash, in case we want to use a combination of golden and ash, there exist base colors number 7,8,9 but we can not use base colors No. 5 or 6, so just use a base color of number 8 or 9.

In wine-colored part, we got wine-colored with purple and another one that is not mixed with purple.

We want to make a hazel combination, But how can we combine the colors?
hazel is a color that has more red tonnage than other colors. We use the combination number 5/65 and mix it with natural color No. 5 or 6.

Just remember that for the wine-colored color you must use half of the natural color. This gives you a good result.

We have red colors from base number 4 to 7, so we don't have a red color with the base number 10. you must combine red color in its base color.

For example, if we want to use 7/66 which 7 is base color and 66 is red tonnage, according to these base colors, you must get each color's base number.

It means if we use decoupage or deco cream, we use red color in basic color with number 6 or 7.

For using red color in bleaching or red powder, use it twice to stabilize the color combination.

Mahogany and chestnut colors are near each other and we can substitute them instead of each.

We have chestnut color from number 3 to number 6 or 5 and we don't have basic numbers 9 or 2.

For making these colors you can combine natural colors and tobacco together which has less red tonnage in it. Then you'll get a beige color.

The beige color is in base numbers 8,9,10 but not in number 5 or 6.

If we want to gain this combination we can combine smokey and golden colors. but Valvar already has this color combination and it's more comfortable vs mixing this beige combination.

In Valvar hair colors, we have 2 or 3 numbers for honey-color.

The basic numbers are 7,8,9 but valvar has 2 combinations, number 7 and number 9. one is dark honey and the other one is bright honey.

Honey-color is made of golden combinations. We can mix golden combinations with caramel to skip a red and yellow color mixture.

Then, we have hemp color. Valvar hemp hair color has 2 numbers with base 6 and 9. the dark hemp has a base of 6 and 9 and 88 means hemp's tonnage.

The number 6 and 9 are the base of hair colors. you use number 6 in the base of 6 or 7 and use number 9 in the base of 8 or 9.

Then thre are 2 chocolate combination numbers: 5 and 6. the chocolate color has only these 2 combinations. For chocolate, we can use a base color of number 5 and 6. 7 shows the tonnage.

Bronze has 2 numbers in Valvar hair colors and we can color in the base of 5,6,7. in which 5 & 7 are the base of the hair color and 4 & 6 are bronze tonnage.

Highlights are used for staining. Valvar hair colors have 6 or 7 for highlights that are beautiful combinations and you can use them individually.

12/0 is a natural highlight you can use this color instead of 3/0 or for making your hair look more bright.

All these highlights can be used for bright colors. 12/1 is smokey, 12/3 is olive, 12 is a base, 1 or 3 are tonnage, 12/5 is golden, 12/9 is for a pearl which is very useful, and 12/12 is silver which is also useful.

We use mix tones such as red, blue, green or silver and we can combine them with others like green, red or blue.

There is a 000 mix tone that is used for brightening or bleaching and we can combine it with number 12.

Just remember that don't combine red and smokey colors together because warm and cold colors can't combine together.

For example, we can add some smokey color in Nescafe but remember that add only a little bit to smooth out the red color.

But sometimes a client doesn't like a red color so you can add a little smokey and we have caramel or beige. we can add golden color to smooth the darkness.

Those ladies that use bleaching and want to make their hair darker can add red color to their Nescafe colors and avoid the green or smokey colors.

Valvar hair colors make us comfortable for hair colors combination and have the most used combinations in its catalog. such as Ash golden or warm colors like tobacco, mahogany or chestnut.

The Spanish hair color has keratin and vitamin C and makes your hair look soft and shiny.

I suggest using Valvar hair colors.

Good luck.

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