How To: Beautiful Braided Chignon

In this tutorial, we will show you how to do a beautiful braided chignon hairstyle. This video was provided by Kimia Beauty Salon. To join our classes, please contact us at the numbers provided in the video.


Greetings. I am Niloofar Assadi from Kimia Beauty Salon. Today I am here to show you a braided chignon, which is one of the most popular hairstyles. Please stay with us.

To section the hair, first, separate the hair the size of your palm in the front, which would come to the back of the ear. Do the same for the other side of the head. Separate the hair on the crown. In the lower back of the head, tie the hair with a hairband and tease it. We tease the hair like this to use it as a hair prosthetic. Now let’s put the hair in a net. Form it into a ball and fix it to the back of the head.

Start teasing the layers on the crown. Tease the first layers less and the next layers a little more. You can spray the hair with hair spray right now or later. The layers you separate and tease should be put together like bricks so they can lock into one another and make the chignon sturdier, which will add to its durability. To tease the hair, make sure to first brush it upwards and then tease the hair by brushing it downward diagonally. This is the right way to tease the hair. Now hold the whole hair in your hand and straighten it.

Whether you make lines on the top layer of the head or not depends on what the client prefers. For a braided chignon, we usually do not create lines on this part. Add two hairpins to hold the hair here and apply a little shine spray. Make sure to brush the hair after applying hair spray to reduce frizz. Fix the hair with a hairpin and brush the rest of the hair. Widen this layer, attach it with hairpins, and then push it under the prosthetic. Let’s work on the side of the head first. If the hair is low on volume, we can tease the layer. The beauty of this chignon is in having a simple brushed layer of hair on one side and braids on the other. Now push the layer under the prosthetic, spray the hair with hair spray and organize it.

Brush the hair thoroughly. The braid I want to show you hare requires a few techniques to implement and I would recommend that you pay close attention to what I do. Separate a layer of hair and if the hair is frizzy, spray it with a shine spray. Brush the hair layer thoroughly and put it aside. Pick a thin layer from the middle and use gel or hair spray to change its feature. Take the previous layer and split it into three parts. Hold the thin layer in your left hand beside the other layer. Put the right layer on the top and brush the lower layer. Make sure to brush the layer before proceeding. Brushing is crucial in this chignonstyle because it has to be very neat. Put the thin layer on top and take the other one below.

Now pull the thin layer from below the other layer and hold it in your hand again. The front-most layer will be on the top and to make it look better we can widen it a little. Separate a layer from here and put the thin layer on top again. Add another layer to the braid from behind. Add another layer and hold the thin layer with your hand again. Instead of the hair layer, you can use a ribbon, which looks beautiful. Using colorful ribbons look especially good for children. Let’s pull these layers out a bit to make the braid look better. Separate another layer and add it to the braid.

Take the thin layer from below the top layer and hold it in your hand. Brush the hair and pull the layers out a bit. You can put a few layers aside to curl later but since this is synthetic hair and I cannot curl it, I will skip this step. The more I move to the back of the head, I change the angle of my hand to give the braid a more beautiful look. I can add lines to the layer pull them out and apply some styling spray. This concludes our braided chignon tutorial. To learn more about chignon styles join us at Kimia Beauty Salons, or contact us at the numbers presented in the description.

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