Icy Nail Planting Training

In this educational video from Faranak Beauty Salon, you will see a totally new nail training.


Hi everyone! here we teach you how to implant nails from Faranak salon.

I use this to be easier.

We use foil in this implant in order to get a nicer appearance
I put pressure on the foil completely and I do not try to make it plain again
I put the foil on the nail
I apply anti-fungal liquid.

Then I apply the primer
after that I perform the process of implanting
only, the foil is needed to be on the nail while implanting
in this implant, as we want the back of the nail to be seen, we do not need much design on the tip of the nail.

We can design from the bottom or in the middle of the nail
because this implant gives a special appearance to the tip of the nail
in this part, I start designing from the bottom of the nail
now I apply the materials so that we finalize the implant
in this step, after applying the materials, we remove the paper and foil
in this part, we apply the final gel and you can see from the tip that the nail looks icy.

If you like, you can apply the gel to the back of the nail too, so that it looks super shiny.

In the end, you can put the hand in the device for 20 seconds.

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