Training Eyebrows Hachure With Micropigmentation

In this educational video from Rojelab, you will see a eyebrow Hachure technique with combination of microblading and the Micro-Pigmentation device, you will see Shaghayegh Ghanbari pigmentation artiste and instructor of Microprocessing and microblading. For more information and to attend her classes, call 09125958369-02126765475.


Hi everyone! This is Shaghayegh ghanbari, expert in skin and micropigmentaion.

Today, we have a combination method.

We are going to work on micro-blading and micro-pigmentation (for shadowing)
to begin, we draw the eyebrows according to the facial features and the customer`s taste
after that we start the process
in fact blading is the drawing of hair on the eyebrows
it is done by blading brush or the micro-blading device
now, we are using micro-blading device and after that, we use micro-pigmentation device to fill the blank parts by shadow color on the eyebrows
please advise your customers regarding what they should do before micro-blading and pigmentation.

For example, they should not take blood thinning drugs 24 hours before doing micro-blading
drugs like aspirin, Vitamin E, acetaminophen
also the drugs like retinol which makes the skin thinner
in addition, they should not dye their eyebrows 5 days before
they should not do sun-bathing either.

And if their skin is sun-burnt, do not do blading at all.

For micro-blading, I recommend you to go to a qualified expert in this field.

Teaching micro-blading usually includes
knowledge of Pathogens, prohibited cases for blading, knowledge of colors and their absorbing process
the method we use today is useful for the people who have sparse eyebrows or
in some parts of their eyebrows, the hair volume is low comparing to other parts and if you want to only use blading, you may not get the equaly suitable hair volume in your eyebrows
So if you want use a combination of techniques in blading and pigmentation, first you should draw the blading lines and after that, if you want to give a hair volume, use micro-pigmentation technique
micro-pigmentation is done in different techniques
currently, I use power cartridge 3 and speed of the device should be as low as possible and with the higher hand, you take the brush and use it as you draw and return in a throwing manner and create shadowing
aftercare techniques for micro-blading and pigmentation are
avoiding sun exposure for one week, during the first 3 days, if the customer feels skin dryness, she can apply Vitamin A ointment or vaseline.

They should not go swimming or spa in the first week.

They should not dye their eyebrows at least for 10 days
they should not apply any cosmetics on their eyebrows for one week.

After one week, exfoliating happens.

Do not remove them intentionally, let them happen naturally.

After 3 or 4 weeks, it is the best time for repairing the eyebrows.

I hope this video will be useful for you.

For joining classes you can call us.

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