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In this video, we will see a short tutorial of the new Bob model from Ms. Shafiee's Academy. For registration, please contact us at - .


Hi, everyone! Today, we show you a new haircut model.

First we divide the hair from ear to ear on the crown part of the head
separate the crown part and ear sides.

We start cutting from the back of the head
the first layer is our guide layer and the degree of cut is zero in this part.

We start cutting the guide layer.

We take a thin layer as the guide and give it a cut accordingly
in this model, all the hair stays on the center back of the head
as you see, unlike other models it is not cut with degrees
take the second layer, here you should cut it with the angle of 45 degrees
I am cutting with 45 degrees.

We use 45 degrees in comparison with the zero degree layer and cut it this way
all the other parts is done the same way.

This layer is in the back of the neck
so, the steep of this model will be done in this way.

Take the third layer and cut in the angle 90 degrees.

We take the hand in 90 degrees and according to the guide from previous layer and start cutting
the other part of this layer is done the same way
our hand is center and back of the head
cut in 90 degrees and based on the guide cut the remaining hair
two layers are left here in this part,
These two layers here again should be cut with 45 degree
the back part of this model is like a ball with layered hair.

We cut with 45 degree to show a layered hair on the back.

We work on the last two layers of this part.

Then we cut the side layers according to the sample guide from back of the head
remember, about the angle of the hand, it should be 45 degree and back of the head
so that we can have the right angle of the layers
now we work on the last layer of this part.

This layer also has the same steps, cutting with 45 degree
now we are working on the ear side layers
ear side layers in this model
should be taken to the back of the head near the neck and you should cut with zero degree according to the sample guide you have from
when you take the ear side hair to the back and cut it with zero degree, you see the model you wanted is created.

We start the other side
again we brush it and take it to the back of the head
to the neck and we cut it with zero degree according to the sample guide from the first layer that we cut, in the back of the neck.

We cut the rest of the hair the same way.

We brush the ear side hair toward the face and check the size of the hair and cut it to organize.

We are going to cut the front part of the hair
the first layer should be cut this way as you see
the next layers should be cut with 45 degree in this model.

This model is called Bob and it has more than 20 variations.

This model that we have now, is its layered model
it is layered hair to show more volume of hair
brush the ear side hair toward face and cut it with 45 degree
continue this step for the second layer.

We are done with this haircut, we hope that you have enjoyed it.

You can call us for joining our classes.

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