Linear Chignon Training (Shinion)

In this educational video from Faranak Beauty Salon, you will see a simple yet beautiful linear Chignon (Shinion) technique.


Hi everyone! we are going to show you a new model of chignon in Faranak salon.

First, we separate the hair from ear to ear.

Then, we take the hair in the back and tease it this way.

We tease all this part of the hair and we use hair spray to fix and give the hair a cleaner appearance.

After that, we roll the hair as you see here.

Then, we fix it all.

Remember this part should be from ear to ear and downward.

If you see any small remaining hair, stick it by spray.

We reach the front part of the hair.

We form the hair like this, we turn the hair by one hand and keep it and form it by the other hand.

We form the front hair like lines and organize it.

We brush the rest of the hair and spray it a little and we form the hair and fix it on the back.

We finished the right side, now we work on the left side
similarly, we brush the hair and spray it, then form it on the back.

We form it like lines of hair.

We organize this left side.

Then, we take the rest of the hair and form it on the back as you see.

This chignon video is ended here, we hope you have enjoyed it.

We look forward to seeing you in Faranak salon.

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