Different Types Of Skin Scrubs & Their Applications

In this video, we explain different types of skin scrubs and the importance of using the during the facial cleansing process. This video was provided by Mrs. Safae.


Greetings. I’m Safae and I’m a skincare expert from Noghre Negar Salon. Today I want to talk to you about skin scrubs and why they are crucial.

Skin scrubs are toners, lotions, or creams that can remove dead skin cells from the Epidermis layer of your skin. Removing dead and Keratin cells from the surface of your skin help oxygen reach the younger cells and bring these cells to the surface. As a result, you will have a smoother, younger and healthier skin with increased oxygenation. This is why we recommend you to use professional skin scrubs and pealing products at least once every twenty-eight days.

Here I want to introduce a set of different skin scrub material used for oily, mixed, normal, damaged and dry skin. As I said before, we want to test different skin scrubs to show you how each one of them works. The first product we want to test is a skin scrub for dry skin. This type of scrub is used for people with very dry, damaged or irritated skin. To use this skin scrub, apply it on your skin, distribute it very gently, and let it remain on the skin for three to five minutes. Massage the skin after the allotted time has passed. The time the product remains on the skin is because it takes the chemicals and enzymes a while to affect the skin the way they should. During this time, the product will remove the dead skin cells and bacteria from the skin and then we can wash the product off our skin.

The next skin scrub I want to talk about is designed for normal and oily skin. This scrub contains small bits of almond shell, and different types of algae, which you can see by looking at the material. For this scrub to work best, you have to massage the skin for three to five minutes with rotational movements. After this time, the scrub will change to an oily state and start to dissolve and remove dead cells and as a result, you will have a very light and healthy looking skin. I’m testing the product on my hand and I’ll show you the result.

There’s another type of skin scrub, which is often used on more mature and wrinkled skin. The scrub contains seeds and feels rougher on the skin and I can feel how rough it is while I’m applying it on my own hand. You can apply it to the skin while steaming or during fumigation and massage it on the skin three to five minutes depending on how much resistant the skin is. This scrub will remove the micro wrinkles, dead cells, and pollution from your skin. This scrub can be used to prepare your skin for mask therapy, serum therapy, or skin hydration.

Skin scrubs are very crucial in facial therapy and skin cleansing. You can have healthy and smooth skin without facial cleansing and skin scrubs. If you go to a specialist for skin cleansing or facial cleansing, make sure they are using suitable and high-quality skin scrub. Make sure you don’t have allergic reactions to these type of products. Keep in mind that winder and autumn seasons are a very good time for you to use these products.

Thank you for being with us during this video. I hope this video has been useful to you. Until next time, goodbye.

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