How To: Protect & Recover Bleached Hair

In this brief video, we will explain the causes of hair dryness after bleach and dye and recommend ways to combat the problem. This video was provided by Mrs. Anousha Shafi’e.


Greetings. You’ve asked many questions about taking care of your hair after bleach or dye process so you won’t end up with dry and fragile hair.

First, the material you use for the process is an important factor. You should always use high-quality products from professional brands. However, since during the bleach and dye process, the PH level of the hair changes, it’s highly recommended to use a conditioner to close the hair cuticles and increase the stability of the dye. It’s also recommended to use moisturizing hair masks with emollient properties. This will help the hair return to its original state and restores some of the lost moisture.

People with local baldness or very thin and soft hair, or those suffering from hair loss, can use non-injection ampules, which you apply to your hair after each shower. Afterward, you should massage the hair and continue using the drug until the next shower. At the same time, you can use moisturizing hair masks. After each shower, apply the mask, cover the hair with a plastic cap, blow dry the hair for five minutes, and rinse after thirty minutes. These easy methods can help recover your hair.

Blow drying, ironing, purifiers used in swimming pools and repeated hair dye can cause hair dryness and hair leprosy. The methods I recommended are all home remedies you can use to recover your hair.

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