How To: Brush & Tease The Hair Correctly

In this tutorial, you will learn more about the correct methods of brushing and teasing hair.


Greetings. I’m Maryam Ebrahimpour. I’m a hairstyle expert and instructor. Today I want to show you the correct way to brush and tease the hair.

This is for people who have full and heavy hair and usually have a hard time tying their hair with hairbands or clip. I’ll try to show you the correct way to tease and brush the hair.

To tease the hair it’s better to use a specific type of brush. Even though there are multiple types of hair combs and you can use either one of them to tease the hair, it’s better to use one with uneven teeth. This type of brush will help you tease the hair better and it won’t open again.

Now to tease the hair, you have to separate the hair on the side of the ears and start teasing the hair on the back of the head. Separate a thin layer of hair and start teasing from the top down. Pick another layer and do the same. If you want to make sure your teased hair will stay as it is, you can tease more layers of hair. You can use hair volume powders of spray between each layer of hair.

Using hair volume powders can help dry the hair and make sure the hair doesn’t get loose even if the client sweats. After teasing as many layers as you want to bring the hair back down and brush the surface of the hair.

To brush the hair and straighten it, put your brush under the hair and pull the brush upward. After pulling the hair upward, bring your hand down and pull the brush toward yourself. The reason for this initial upward pull is that it will help add volume to the hair. After pulling the hair upward and then pulling it toward yourself, you can straighten the hair completely.

For people with very straight hair, you can use a waving iron for some parts of the hair. This also adds some volume to your hair and it will also look less straight. If you want to form the tip of your hair layers a bit, brush the hair as we said and after pulling the brush toward yourself, start brushing the hair on the top and twist the hair using the brush. After heating the hair for a bit, let the hair remain inside the brush and let the brush rest on the hair vertically and do the next layer using another brush. This will give the tip of the hair layers a wave style.

To brush the hair and design a chignon, you have to go through a few steps prior. Make sure to brush the hair, use waving iron, and at the end use a curling iron or hair curler. Before brushing the hair, make sure to straighten the hair completely. If you have frizzy hair, you can use two-phase conditioners or hair creams. This will reduce the hair frizz and you can design a beautiful, chic chignon.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Until next time, goodbye.

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